Available on Netflix: A New Horror Icon Emerges – Bloody and Funny You May Have Missed – Film News

Available on Netflix: A New Horror Icon Emerges – Bloody and Funny You May Have Missed – Film News
Available on Netflix: A New Horror Icon Emerges – Bloody and Funny You May Have Missed – Film News

Slasher and comedy? Almost no one remembers this 2020 release that mixes both genres, but the result is surprisingly fun.

Halloween is over, but it’s never too early or late to watch something that gives you goosebumps. The film tip available on streaming today is one of the most fun productions in the slasher genre in recent times. And it can be said that in Freaky – In the Body of a Killer we experience the birth of a new horror icon, which you can check out for yourself at Netflix.


The Butcher of Blissfield (Vince Vaughn), a masked giant with an insatiable thirst for blood, is on the loose in a sunny little town. However, when a terrified teenager steals his dagger, they have no idea what powers lie dormant within him: Using the dagger, the serial killer switches bodies with his next victim, the shy Millie Kessler (Kathryn Newton). She now walks around like a big, terrified man. Meanwhile, the Butcher uses the combination of a small body and an inflexible personality to attract attention and lure more victims into his traps…

This bloody fun realizes its premise mercilessly thanks to a great cast and surprisingly heavy and creative bursts of violence. Vaughn gives a strong performance as the masked killer (in many senses of the word) and is close to Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th series. He is brilliant in the body swap part, when he becomes a shy teenager in the best comedy style for every Disney family, the kind that acts enthusiastically way beyond their comfort zone because of the inconvenient situation.

And as Millie, Newton is a hugely likeable variation on the isolated teen archetype, as director/writer Christopher Landon and co-writer Michael Kennedy approach the character with more empathy and enthusiasm than is usual for teen horror. On the other hand, in the role of Butcher, Newton really flourishes and fluctuates in a thrillingly unpredictable way between a completely psychotic, cold target and a newfound sadistic joy in toying with victims. An explosively fun mix.


So it’s no surprise that the Blissfield Butcher (in Newton’s incarnation) has become a popular Halloween costume (not only, but especially) for young women. A simple yet ingenious idea by Whitney Anne Adams certainly contributed to this:

The costume director specifically chose a $180 leather jacket, sold at a popular retailer, as the killer’s “signature” piece. As she revealed to The Art Of Costume, she wanted the costume to not only have iconographic potential but also be credible as part of Millie’s world. This thought-provoking idea of ​​“Hey, I could use that too!” it really shows, which must explain, to some extent, the character’s popularity as a Halloween costume.

However, it’s not just the look that makes the film stand out: the jacket itself has personality, but Newton’s amused, sour look ensures he hits the nail on the head when it comes to the slasher villains you see grinning evilly. while doing their “job”. And in a genre full of masked killers, this is also a welcome breather.

The Butcher is a perfidious character who fulfills the desire for revenge dormant in Millie’s body – it is not without reason that Landon and Kennedy, according to their own statements, immediately based several of the Butcher’s victims on people they detest. The Butcher therefore exudes mischievous fun, making him a suitable new horror icon for Halloween that could return for another film.

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