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This year has been generous to the horror genre on screen. Several good horror films and series have been released recently, and not just in the United States. Many viewers have been saying, in fact, that the best horror film of 2023 is Argentine. We are talking about When Evil Lurks (When you hit evilin the original), new feature film by director and screenwriter Demián Rugna, which had already attracted attention after Terrified (Terrified), 2017.

When Evil Lurks stands out for escaping several conventions of the horror genre, establishing its own universe, as well as its own rules. The production tries to give a new look at cinematographic projects centered on demonic possession, giving a new and interesting breath to works of this type. But, after all, what is the story of When Evil Lurks? Who is in the cast of the film? Is he really good?

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Below, find out more about the horror film that went viral on social media!

When Evil Lurks: trailer and synopsis of the film

In some ways, the story of When Evil Lurks is not complicated. “In a remote town, two brothers find a man infected by the devil about to give birth to the disease itself. They decide to get rid of the man, but only manage to spread chaos”, says the official synopsis of the work on the IMDb website.

However, the Argentine film has several narrative details that are revealed as the film goes on. Little by little, for example, we discover what the “rotten” are, what those who have been possessed by demons are called, what can and cannot be done with them, the consequences of wrong decisions, etc. Which makes When Evil Lurks an interesting experience, to say the least.

No wonder, the projection has been well praised around the world and is already starting to gain some hype in Brazil as well.

When Evil Lurks: film cast

Directed and scripted by Demián Rugna, When Evil Lurks It does not feature well-known names among the general public in its main cast, with several Argentine actors and actresses (no foreigners). Ezequiel Rodríguez and Demián Salomón have prominent roles and play the protagonist brothers of the horror film.

In addition to them, Silvina Sabater, Luis Ziembrowski, Marcelo Michinaux, Emilio Vodanovich, Virginia Garófalo, Paula Rubinsztein, Isabel Quinteros, Federico Liss, among others, complete the cast.

When Evil Lurks: is a horror movie good?

Until here, When Evil Lurks, which was officially released on October 6th in cinemas and on October 27th on streaming, has achieved good numbers, according to the main sites that aggregate film and series reviews. On IMDb, for example, the Argentine attraction already has a rating out of 7.0 (based on 10,000 reviews). On Rotten Tomatoes, the critics’ approval rating is also great: 99%. However, only 57% of the audience liked the film (however, there are less than 50 reviews, so far).

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