The main references to the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far


Soon, the X-Men will arrive in the MCU!

Warning: Spoilers Alert!

Since the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney, fans are waiting for the introduction of the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Marvel Studios productions are becoming much freer in relation to easter-eggs and references to the Children of the Atom.

Check out the main references in the MCU series and films to mutants and the X-Men:

Kamala Khan

In the last episode of the 1st season of Ms. Marvel we discovered that Kamala Khan is a mutant in the MCU. What exactly this means for this universe we do not know, and the question is not addressed in The Marvelshowever it is certain that the heroine is one of the first mutants to appear in the MCU.

After the plot, the change also went to Marvel comics, with the heroine being revealed as a mutant and inhuman.


Namor, presented in Black Panther: Wakanda Foreveris also called a mutant, something that comes from the character’s comics, in which he was always considered a mutant.

However, we still don’t know if, in the MCU, his mutation really comes from the X Gene, like the other mutants, or just from another genetic issue when his mother ingested the plant that gave him his powers.

Charles Xavier

In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness we get to see a little more of the alternate realities and, on Earth 383, we discover that mutants and X-Men exist alongside other teams, like the Fantastic Four.

In the story, Patrick Stewart’s Professor Xavier appears in his classic yellow flying wheelchair, before being killed by Scarlet Witch along with the other Illuminati.


Even without any main mutant characters, the She-Hulk series features several references to the X-Men. Whether with a Cyclops sneaker design or the mutant and Avenger of the Great Lakes Mr. Immortal, the plot brings several Easter-eggs for fans of the comics.

However, the main reference in the series comes through an internet article that Jennifer finds on the internet and which says that a “man with claws got involved in a bar fight”, very similar to a certain Wolverine out there, right?

The Marvels

The post-credits scene of The Marvels features the biggest connection to the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, with Monica Rambeau becoming trapped in another universe in the film’s third act.

In the scene in question, we find Mônica alongside Kelsey Grammer’s Beast, who brought the character to life in X-Men 3: The Last Stand. The character, apparently from the Fox film timeline, also mentions Professor Xavier.

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