New Superman and Batman films have filming forecast revealed after the end of the strike


With the actors’ strike over, the studios will be back in action soon!

Last Wednesday (08), after 118 days of negotiations, the Actors’ Union finally announced the end of the category’s strike, after signing a historic agreement with the studios and streaming platforms streaming, to ensure the rights and salaries of Hollywood actors. Now, halted productions can finally get back to filming – which is why we have some updates on filming for Superman: Legacy It is The Brave and the Bold.

Just yesterday, after the announcement of the end of the strike, the deadline prepared an extensive article talking about all the works that will resume production over the next few months. According to site, Superman: Legacy was not greatly affected by the strike, as james gunn prepared all pre-production of the film during the shutdown. With this in mind, filming is expected to begin in May 2024.

As for The Brave and the Boldthe first film of Batman in New DC Universe from Gunn, the information is a little less encouraging. According to the deadlineproduction should still take a long time, since Andy Muschiettidirector of the film, is more focused on the series Welcome to Derryseries prequel for films IT: The Thing which he also directed.

David Corenswet has already been confirmed as the protagonist of Superman: Legacy.

It is worth remembering that the DC Extended Universe as we know it comes to an end this year, with the launch of Aquaman 2: The Lost Kingdom. From then on, the franchise will go through a rebootwhich starts with full force next year, through the animated series The Creature Commandos.

The next production scheduled for the reboot It is Superman: Legacyand judging by the current lack of interest in superhero films and/or series, its success will be crucial for James Gunn and Peter Safran to lead the new saga of DC Comics without much studio interference and abrupt plan changes.

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