6 horror films still coming out in 2023 that you need to check out


We still have a lot of scares to take in 2023!

The year is already coming to an end, but as the horror It is one of the busiest genres of the seventh art, we still have several releases waiting for us to take away our nights sleep and traumatize us, in some way. In a year full of releases of this type, there is no shortage of examples of great films, such as Death of the Devil: Rise, Scream VI It is Talk to mewe still have a lot to see in theaters.

Since slashers from renowned directors to fun horror and comedy satires, the year will still surprise us with some releases – some of which have already been released abroad, with a good reputation to uphold. With that in mind, we list 6 horror films that premiere in 2023 and you can’t miss it!

The Summoning Game

When does it debut: 30th of November

Directed by Ari Costa It is Eren Celeboglu, The Summoning Game is one of those films that draws more attention for its cast than anything else, after all, it is a film that brings together Asa Butterfield (Sex Education), Natalia Dyer (Stranger Things) It is Benjamin Evan Ainsworth (in The Haunting of Bly Manor).

In the plot, a group of teenagers living in Salem, Massachusetts, discover a cursed knife capable of releasing a demon that forces them to participate in violent, cruel and brutal games. With no escape, everyone soon realizes that games have no winners – only survivors.

Bloody Holiday

When does it debut: December 7th

One of the great authors of the genre in recent decades, Eli Roth has already brought great pearls to the world, like The Hostel It is Hell’s Shack. This year, he returns with Bloody Holidayyour youngest slasherwhich is based on a trailer fake he directed for the anthology Grindhouse, in Quentin Tarantino It is Robert Rodriguez.

Set during Thanksgiving, one of the most famous and traditional holidays in the United States, the film follows a town frightened by the presence of a serial killerwho dresses like a pilgrim and kills his victims with a very clear purpose in mind.

The Curse of Queen Mary

When does it debut: December 14

Directed by the duo Gary Shore It is Rebecca Harristhe awaited The Curse of Queen Mary is a British horror set on the famous ship of the same name, known for the legends that it is haunted. The film is the first chapter of a trilogy about the infamous ship, and features a cast made up of names such as Alice Eve It is Joel Fry.

The plot follows the family formed by Anne (Alice Eve), her husband Patrick (Joel Fry) and the couple’s son, Luke (Lenny Rush), who set sail on the high seas aboard the Queen Mary, but soon discover that their lives have been grotesquely intertwined with the vessel’s dark past.

The Lord of Chaos

When does it debut: December 28

William Brent Bell He’s not the most prestigious horror director out there. However, after having directed the two films of Evil doll and have given the world a complete freak out with Orphan 2: The Originthe filmmaker returns with his newest authorial project, a folk horror beyond stupid call The Lord of Chaos.

In the film starring Ralph Ineson, Tuppence Middleton and Matt Stokoe, we see the daughter of a shepherd from a small village disappear mysteriously and without a trace. From then on, in the middle of the summer solstice, investigations begin, and the city’s secrets will turn against its inhabitants.

Godzilla Minus One

When does it debut: No release date confirmed yet

No release date confirmed in Brazil yet, Godzilla Minus One is the newest atomic lizard film. With Takashi Yamazaki as director, the Japanese film Toho brings back the kaiju most famous in all culture pop in a contemporary narrative, which draws clear parallels to all the war and destruction we are witnessing around us.

Already released in Japan, the film won critical acclaim, even surpassing beloved films in the franchise such as Godzilla from 1954 and Shin Godzilla. The plot takes place well after the end of World War II, with a devastated Japan needing to deal with the new atomic threat looming on the horizon.

It’s a Wonderful Knife

When does it debut: No release date confirmed yet

Finally, another film that has attracted a lot of attention but has not yet had its release date announced in Brazil is It’s a Wonderful Knife – the newest project from michael kennedyscreenwriter who introduced the world to the highly entertaining Freaky: In the Body of a Killer. Now we have a fun Christmas horror.

Influenced by classics like Happiness can’t be boughtthe film tells the story of Winnie Carruthersa woman who, even after saving her city from the clutches of a serial killer, I would like to disappear from the world. Unbeknownst to her, her wish will be granted – and it holds terrible surprises!

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