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This horror film with 23 jump scares is a classic from the 2000s and, for now, a rarity on streaming.

In what appears to be a peaceful house in Tokyo, lurks one of the most terrible pests imaginable. Anyone who crosses the threshold is immediately struck by a curse that will soon kill them in an unspeakable fury.

As the number of victims rises, a young American, Karen, is brutally confronted with the horror of this reality. For her, it is no longer time to ignore or run away; She needs to understand if she wants to have any chance of surviving…


In the early 2000s, the first Japanese Ju-On films marked a turning point in the horror genre, thanks to a terrifying and very scary story of curse and revenge that turned these feature films into horror classics.

It wasn’t long before an American remake was released in 2004 called The Grudge – around here, both known as The Scream. What’s special about this remake, however, is that it’s not just a simple US ctrl c + ctrl v, as it’s directed by Takashi Shimizu, the director of the original Ju-On films, and is still set in Japan.

Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jason Behr, both at the height of their careers with the success of their respective series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Roswell, as well as Clea DuVall, Bill Pullman and Grace Zabriskie, The Scream tells the same story as vengeful ghosts who come to curse and kill anyone who dares cross the threshold of a house haunted by the memory of a terrible murder.

In an interview with the French website AlloCiné, Sarah Michelle Gellar reinforced the proximity of The Scream to the original features:

It was an incredible experience to actually live in Japan and be part of that culture, and not do an American version of The Grudge. The only part of the United States were the actors

“The director was the director of the Japanese original and he didn’t speak English. So we had to use an interpreter to understand each other. So it was really a film that came from the heart, because it was the only way we could communicate.”.

In fact, out of respect for Japanese culture, the film crew had to perform a sort of blessing ceremony before filming The Scream:

“In Japan, this is a tradition, especially when you’re making a horror film. You don’t want to attract spirits and you want to make sure you’re working in a safe environment. So you do a sort of ceremony where you pray. It was incredible”.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar is well aware of this: The Scream traumatized a lot of people, including her, especially when she saw the original film to prepare for her audition. The film was banned for children under 12 in several countries.

And for good reason, The Scream contains 23 jump scares (a principle that uses an abrupt change or appearance in an image or video to frighten the viewer) in its 1.5-hour runtime, according to the website WheresTheJump, which lists all jump scares in horror films.

Therefore, if you are looking for a relaxing evening in the next few days, don’t hesitate to (re)watch The Scream, which is only available on the Oldflix service, a streaming platform full of classic content.

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