Rebel Moon: Running Time for Zack Snyder’s Sci-Fi Highlight Revealed – Film News

Rebel Moon: Running Time for Zack Snyder’s Sci-Fi Highlight Revealed – Film News
Rebel Moon: Running Time for Zack Snyder’s Sci-Fi Highlight Revealed – Film News

At Christmas, Netflix offers us a very special gift: the first part of Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon – and science fiction and fantasy fans in particular are very excited.

Director Zack Snyder originally had an idea for a Star Wars film – and when that project wasn’t successful, the Justice League creator simply made it his own sci-fi universe. We can see the result in two parts on Netflix: Rebel Moon Part One: The Fire Girl premieres on December 22, 2023now Rebel Moon – Part 2: The Scargiver, in 2024 – and who knows, maybe even more films for the franchise in the future.

Netflix recently revealed the length of the first Rebel Moon adventure: 2 hours and 13 minutes.

Doesn’t it seem like a lot? There’s even more to come!

At first, this doesn’t seem like much, and now it’s almost common for films like this to last more than two hours. Dune, for example, clocks in at 2 hours and 36 minutes, while Avatar 2 even goes over 3 hours and 12 minutes. But that’s exactly the runtime Rebel Moon will ultimately have: A director’s cut of the sci-fi action film is planned, which lasts a good hour longer.

However, it is not yet clear whether Snyder is planning a director’s cut for each of the two parts, or if a director’s cut for the entire work will be released. Andy Koyama, who works in the film’s sound department, said earlier this year that there would be “an extended version of each of the two films” – but there has been no official announcement yet (Via: FilmStarts).

Adding another hour to a single film with a runtime of just over two hours would tell a very different story, so we’re eager to see if that will actually be the case. But if Snyder and Netflix are only planning a general director’s cut, and if Rebel Moon 2 is more than two hours long, we could end up with a mammoth work of more than five hours.

All of this is still a thing for the future. The fact is that Rebel Moon Part One: Fire Girl is probably the biggest science fiction novelty of the year on Netflix. In the film, the turmoil that plagues the galaxy under the rule of the tyrannical Balisarius eventually reaches the remote moon of Veldt. When Balisarius’ army threatens the peaceful inhabitants of the moon, Kora (Sofia Boutella) cannot stand by. She already has a history with the Empire and knows what they are capable of. Kora begins to gather brave fighters around her to face the enemy…

In addition to Sofia Boutella as the heroine Kora, there is also Charlie Hunnam as Kai, Ed Skrein as Admiral Atticus Noble, Michiel Huisman as Gunnar, Doona Bae as Nemesis, Ray Fisher as Darrian Bloodaxe, Jena Malone as Harmada, Djimon Hounsou as General Titus and Anthony Hopkins as the voice of the robot Jimmy.

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