Fubar | Meet the first series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger on Netflix

Fubar | Meet the first series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger on Netflix
Fubar | Meet the first series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger on Netflix

One of the biggest names in action cinema is coming to Netflix. Arnold Schwarzenegger premieres his first series in fubar and marks not only a new moment in his career, but also an important step for streaming to consolidate itself in the world of cinema and action series.

That’s because, in addition to starring in the new show, Schwarzenegger also assumes the position of Director of Action Content on the platform, a position created specifically for him to lead projects focused on the genre. And one of his initiatives at the post is to bring more adrenaline and explosions in more varied stories and playing with other styles — something he already experiences in fubar.

For that very reason, the new series is described much more as an action comedy than a brucutu story in the style that he himself starred in the 1980s and 1990s. More than that, it is also a beautiful thermometer of what we can expect for the future of streaming in this sector.

family bullshit

Despite having a name that says absolutely nothing, fubar It has a very interesting proposal. In the series, Schwarzenegger lives Luke Brunner, a veteran CIA agent who is about to retire and who is scheduled for one last mission. For that, he needs to work with another agent assigned to the case. And that’s where the problem starts.

The agent chosen by the organization is none other than his daughter Emma (Monica Barbaro), who he had no idea was also working for the agency. And this surprise becomes the starting point for a series of clashes between them.

The big question is that, when faced with this unusual situation, father and daughter realize how much they don’t know each other. Despite the family ties, the discovery that they spent years working together without knowing it opens wide the chasm that exists between them and that makes Brunner’s last mission transform into a huge Family Affair, with both fighting over everything and at all times. .

And this lack of synchrony is something that can put the whole operation at risk, as they can barely work together because of the little pet peeves that pop up here and there. Either because the father treats his daughter like a child or because the young woman doesn’t accept the veteran’s tough way – and that can all put everything to lose, in addition to making the whole family a target for the true villains of history.

Drama, humor and action

At the same time, fubar must use this troubled father-daughter relationship to develop three important pillars not only of the series, but of what Schwarzenegger’s management in that position within Netflix could be.

As said, the idea is not only to make an action story, but to put elements of the genre into other styles. And the new series seems to be moving in that direction by balancing adrenaline and explosions with a dash of comedy and drama.

So while Luke and Emma’s bickering is sure to make for comic moments, fubar there will also be more dramatic passages that give more depth to the bad relationship between them, exploring the causes of it and building a rapprochement between them. In the midst of it all, shootings, chases and near-death experiences.

It is worth remembering that Schwarzenegger is not a newcomer to the world of comedy. Still at the height of his film career, he made several humorous films, such as Kindergarten Cop, Twins brothers and the infamous Junior. Thus, bringing this lighter plot into fubar it’s just a rescue of that most comic vein that the star never rejected.

When does Fubar premiere on Netflix?

fubar arrives on Netflix this Thursday (25). The series will have eight episodes in its first season and features, in addition to Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro, names like Gabriel Luna (The Last of Us), Jay Baruchel (How to Train Your Dragon) and comedian Fortune Feimster in the cast.

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