“Deserves to be hung in the museum”: first reactions to “Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse”


Lack less than a week to arrival “Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse” in theaters. The production, which is a sequel to the 2018 success, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, opens on June 1st. While the animation does not arrive, some lucky ones have already watched the film and have been sharing the first reactions via social networks.

Expert critics are saying that “Through the Spider-Verse” is “a true work of art”, although it also has a “darker and sadder” feel than expected. In addition, the first reactions praise the plot, saying that the production “raises the very standard that seemed impossible”, even stating that “every painting deserves to be hung in a museum” [via Variety].

Check out the first reactions released for “Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse”:

The editor of CinemaBlend, Sean O’Connell, wrote: “It is a true work of art. Every painting deserves to be hung in a museum. Spidey’s jokes and nods to lore are perfect. IT IS EXCELLENT. The best Spider-Man movie. It might be my favorite movie of all time. Treasure it”.

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Already the writer of THR, Brian Davids, says that the animation “is another resounding victory for the universe produced by Lord Miller. Hailee Steinfeld really comes into her own as Gwen Stacy, and her scenes with Shea Whigham’s Captain Stacy are really special. It’s darker and sadder than I expected, but necessary.”

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“’Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ has raised the bar with its unique animation style and storytelling. Minds were blown when it was released and fans thought there was no way it could be topped. Think again. The film raises its own bar that seemed impossible,” said Rotten Tomatoes writer Tessa Smith.

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“Absolutely loved! I wanted to press pause about a hundred times to study the incredible art on display. I cannot recommend this film highly enough and I am already looking forward to seeing it again. Next time in IMAX,” said Steven Weintraub, Editor-in-Chief of collider.

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However, not everyone is a fan of the sequel. The editor-in-chief of This Week Average, Eze Baum, said that the film “fails to come close to where the original is for me, mainly due to the fact that it prioritizes fan service over a strong story. It really does feel like the first entry in a two-part story, and it gets predictable by the time it ends.”

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What is the plot of the film?

In this new chapter, Miles is back for a new mission in his busy life as a superhero. In the new film, Morales is transported on an epic adventure across the multiverse, and must join forces with Spider-Woman Gwen Stacy (Hailee Steinfeld) and a new team of Spider-People, made up of heroes from different dimensions.

However, everything changes when the heroes clash over how to deal with a new threat, and Miles finds himself at an impasse. And to make matters worse, they must face a villain far more powerful than anything they’ve encountered before. Now, to save the people he loves most in the world, Miles must redefine what it means to be a superhero.

Strong cast and crew

In the cast, Shameik Moore is the original voice of Miles Morales again. The animation also has Hailee Steinfeld as Gwen Stacy / Spider-Woman, Oscar Isaac as Miguel O’Hara / Spider-Man 2099, Jake Johnson as Peter B. Parker / Spider-Man and Luna Lauren Vélez as Rio Morales, the mother of the protagonist.

Other characters include: Peter B. Parker (Jake Johnson), Miles’ mentor in the first Spider-Verse film and hero on Earth 616; Jessica Drew (Issa Rae), the first Spider-Woman in the comics; Hobart “Hobie” Brown (Daniel Kaluuya), punk version of the Earth-138 webmaster; and Vulture (Jorma Taccone), a villain who appeared in the first Spider-Man film in the MCU.

The production is directed by Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers and Justin K. Thompson, in addition to being scripted by Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and David Callaham. It is worth remembering that the production will have an edition of Spoiler Night Cinemark on the 30th of May. See the trailer:

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