Chase-style action thriller is Netflix’s most-watched movie right now


A Netflix has been betting more and more on productions from Poland and surprises with the first Polish action film on its platform.

In Mother of the Yearreleased in 2023, Agnieszka Grochowska plays agent Nina, who engages in a dangerous battle to save her kidnapped son.

The film is currently making waves on the platform, becoming the most watched film in its TOP 10.

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In it, we will follow the journey of Nina, a former secret agent, as she seeks to unravel the mystery behind the kidnapping of her son, who she never saw.

She will face a local criminal, armed with a bag and beer bottles. Nina carefully watches the man in front of her, waiting for the right moment to act.

While the grocery store attendant asks for calm in front of the kidnappers, the first of them approaches and she throws a can of beer in his direction.

Then other gang members approach and surround her. Nina is prepared to confront them, but opts for a relatively non-violent approach and immobilizes them.

The protagonist gets in touch with an old colleague and meets with him to inform him about the worrying situation involving his son.

Soon after, Nina receives a threatening audio message, revealing that her son has been captured and that she needs to rescue him if she wants to see him alive.

There is a group of people that need to be evacuated from the area, indicating that everyone is being rescued from somewhere.

The action scenes are intense, and Nina demonstrates her determination to defeat all obstacles, going to great lengths to find her son, about whom she knows very little.

the cast of Mother of the Year has renowned Polish actors. Agnieszka Grochowskaalready mentioned earlier, plays the lead role as Nina.

Other cast members include Dariusz Chojnacki, Adrian Delikta, Jowita Budnik, Ewa Rodart, Szymon Wróblewski, Anna Płociniczak, Konrad Eleryk, Arkadiusz Brykalski, Pawel Koslik, Pawel Janyst, Ewa Rodart and Sebastian Del.

Mother of the Year is a film that will certainly pique the interest of viewers who enjoy action productions.

It will also captivate those who are fans of suspense thrillers.

Especially, it will be an attractive option for those who haven’t had a chance to see it yet. Agnieszka Grochowska in a role filled with thrilling combat and action moments.

The film is being compared a lot to the Relentless Questwith Liam Neesonin which the father, the main character, goes after his kidnapped daughter.

Mother of the Year is a gritty film that, rather than eschewing the hallmarks of the genre, embraces them fiercely.

Despite the script Łukasz M. Maciejewski providing various opportunities for this, the director does not give in to superficial feelings.

It is true that the film acquires a greater dose of seriousness when it needs to bring emotional veracity to the conversations between Nina and her son, after all, the story focuses mainly on the sacrifice of the parents.

So even though it might seem like a cheap ploy to justify more gunfights, explosions or confrontations, when combined with subtle melodrama it always works as a reason to show another exciting action sequence.

Mother of the Year is available at Netflix.

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