EPIC battle royale with Matt Damon is one of the most watched movies on Netflix right now


The Great Wall brings incredible action plot with star Matt Damon

Released in 2016, the film the great wall is considered one of the most successful epic features of recent years, making more than $ 335 million in its theatrical debut. Production with star Matt Damon is gaining prominence in Netflixwhere it became one of the most watched action movies on streaming today.


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Directed by Zhang Yimou, the great wall is a great tip for fans of epic action and plot.

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The Great Wall Story surprises Netflix fans with incredible plot with Matt Damon

In the great wall, the story unfolds during the Song Dynasty, in ancient China, where we follow the adventures of William Garin, a European mercenary played by Matt Damon, and his companion Tovar, played by Pedro Pascal. Both are in search of the legendary black powder, a substance of great power.


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During their journey, they are captured by the Military Order of the Great Wall, a powerful organization dedicated to protecting the country from supernatural threats. Upon arriving there, Garin and Tovar find themselves involved in an imminent war against a horde of voracious monsters that threaten to invade Chinese territory.

To face this terrible threat, they unite with Chinese warriors led by the fearless Commander Lin Mae, played by Jing Tian. Together, they wage a desperate battle, using elaborate tactics and strategies to stop the monsters and save China from impending doom.

“The Great Wall” combines elements of action, adventure and fantasy, transporting viewers to an era filled with myth and legend. The film presents an imaginative take on the legendary structure of the Great Wall of China, transforming it into an epic fortress of resistance against supernatural forces.


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In short, The Great Wall is an epic adventure that combines historical and fantasy elements, with exciting battles and engaging characters. It is a journey full of dangers and challenges, where courage and unity are essential to face the forces of evil and protect the kingdom.

Even though it was released in 2016, The Great Wall is conquering Netflix fans, being one of the most watched films on the platform today.

The Great Wall has incredible curiosities in its production

the great wall was directed by Zhang Yimou, a renowned Chinese director acclaimed for his previous works such as Hero It is The Clan of Flying Daggers. His ability to create stunning visuals and captivating storytelling brought a unique approach to the film.


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The film’s production involved an estimated budget of US$150 million, making it one of the most expensive productions ever made in China at that time. This high investment allowed the production team to create grandiose sets, stunning visual effects and elaborate costumes, transporting viewers into the majestic setting of the Great Wall and its surroundings.

However, the escalation of Matt Damon as protagonist generated controversies in relation to the so-called “whitewashing” (whitening), a practice in which white actors are chosen to play characters of an ethnic background different from their own. Some have argued that casting a non-Chinese actor for a lead role in a story set in China was a form of cultural appropriation and marginalization of Asian actors.


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Meet the cast of The Great Wall

For the cast of the great wall, Zhang Yimou featured big names in cinema that were led by Matt Damon. Among the highlights are Pedro Pascal, Jing Tian, ​​Willem Dafoe, Zhang Hanyu, Lu Han, Eddie Peng and Lin Gengxin.

Check out the trailer for The Great Wall, Netflix’s incredible success



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