Furiosa’ is the bloodiest of them all, says actress

Anya Taylor-Joy (“The Man from the North”) is the main star of “Mad Max: Furiosa“, a work that will tell, in more detail, what happened before the events of “Mad Max: Fury Road”. According to the latest information, filming has already come to an end, which means that the post-production process will soon begin.

And, as the premiere date is closer and closer with each passing day, the actress made a statement to IndieWire stating that this new production will be at the top of her list of the bloodiest and dirtiest productions of her career.

Read below what Taylor-Joy said during the conversation:

“That movie was the dirtiest, bloodiest job I’ve ever done, and that’s saying something… But I have a lot of fun whenever I get dirty or bloody and not perfectly formal and pretty. When I have fun, I feel more comfortable. So yeah, ‘Furiosa’ was definitely fun.”

As we can see, although it was an extremely bloody and hectic production with several action scenes, it could not keep and leave all that emotion behind:

“I’ve been on a different planet for the past seven months. I think now I need to sit down and try to digest what happened in that period. But I’m incredibly proud of it, and I’m really proud of all the people I’ve worked with. A lot of love, effort and sacrifice went into it, and I’m excited to watch.”

New movie release

The premiere of “Mad Max: Furiosa” in theaters is scheduled for the year 2024 and features the professionalism of filmmaker George Miller, who, as we well know, commanded the original production.

The film “Mad Max: Fury Road” is seen as a success, according to expert critics, as it managed to reach about 97% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, a site for critical reviews related to film and television. However, the achievements have not yet come to an end, because “Road of Fury” won six statuettes from the oscar among ten nominations.

The collections of this work revolved around US$ 378.9 million worldwide, and the film was produced with only a budget of US$ 150 million.

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