Do you like ‘Star Trek’?! Come check out EVERYTHING the franchise has done

Do you like ‘Star Trek’?! Come check out EVERYTHING the franchise has done
Do you like ‘Star Trek’?! Come check out EVERYTHING the franchise has done

With more than 50 years, “Star Trek” has basically been everywhere and has done almost everything. As good as it was, a lot of things happened in theaters and on television, but not everything.
The film in question is practically the godfather of all other franchises in the genre, being part of American culture and being incorporated into human lives through toys, food and even people’s vacations.

With countless things being named “Star Treak,” what will be the best movie in the franchise? With that in mind, we created a ranking of everything that has gone by the name of “Star Trek”, whether good or bad, but we mainly focus on the best.

Check out:

  1. Star Trek II – Wrath of Khan.
  2. Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country
  3. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  4. Star Trek
  5. Star Trek: The Next Generation
  6. Star Trek: First Contact
  7. Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
  8. Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  9. Star Trek Beyond
  10. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
  11. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
  12. Star Trek: Lower Decks
  13. Star Trek: Enterprise
  14. Star Trek Books
  15. Star Trek Comics
  16. Star Trek: Generations
  17. Star Trek 2009
  18. Star Trek: The Animated Series
  19. Star Trek: Voyager
  20. Star Trek: The Experience
  21. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
  22. Star Trek: Nemesis
  23. Star Trek: Prodigy
  24. Star Trek: Insurrection
  25. Star Trek ToysReplicasAnd Models
  26. Star Trek Conventions
  27. Star Trek Apparel
  28. Star TrekVideo Games
  29. Star Trek Cruises
  30. short treks
  31. Star Trek: Discovery
  32. Star Trek Into Darkness
  33. Star Trek: Picard

As there are many products with “Star Trek” in the name, we will only deal here with the movie known as the “Golden Chicken”, the Star Trek universe and its worst work ever made.

When we talk about “Star Trek II – Wrath of Khan”, we see that it is recognized as the best movie in the franchise, not just an adventure and battle movie.

Its director, Nicholas Meyer, made the film about what it means to grow old because you can no longer be the man you once were. This is a film that shows the mistakes of the past and how to face them; it’s about regrets.

On the other hand, when we talk about “Star Trek – Picard”, we see that this one is recognized for being a disaster where all the favorite characters die because of bad writers. The first season of the series focused on Data’s death, and the second season resulted in the death of most of the cast, including Q., who was supposed to be immortal. Without a doubt, “Picard” was considered the worst work of “Star Trek” by fans.

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