Mother of a boy involved in the case of the Globo actor comes to the public and reveals details (see video)

Speaking to the program Cidade em Alerta, from RecorTV, the mother of the 12-year-old boy who would have been sexually abused by Globo actor José Dumont commented on the case.

According to her, the actor gave gifts and money to her son and she was aware of it.

“It’s difficult. Difficult to overcome a blow like that. My concern is to protect him, that’s all I want”, he declared.

The woman, who was not identified, said that her son was in theater at school and is a child who really likes movies and series, so he became interested in being an actor.

“He started doing theater at school and, on weekends, he came to my shop and that’s where he met [Dumont] who was a frequent customer of my store”, said the mother.

The mother also stated that her son never went to the actor’s house, but when they talked in the store, they left the store and went to the concierge where they were caught in “gestures of affection”.

“I didn’t suspect anything. Always very attentive, very attentive. And I didn’t have any suspicion”, said the mother asking for justice.

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José Dumont was arrested on September 15 for storing child pornography and raping a vulnerable person.

Security cameras caught the actor kissing and fondling a 12-year-old boy and an investigation was launched.

Strange that Rede Globo has not noticed this behavior of the actor, because he had already been investigated for rape. The crime would have happened in 2009 in Cabedelo, in the interior of Paraíba, where Dumont had an apartment. The documents that reached the press contain testimonies of two witnesses, who claim to have witnessed abuse by the actor against a group of boys.

The Justice of Paraíba tried to talk to the artist six times over the years, going after him, including at the offices of Globo and Record, where he has worked. However, Dumont was never found to receive the subpoena.

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