‘Avatar’ returns to theaters and proves that it has aged well – even too much

An indigenous land rich in precious ore is invaded by mercenaries. The native population reacts. Scientists try a diplomatic path, offer everything and more for the natives to leave there allowing mining, but to no avail. A massacre then begins. When it was released in theaters in 2009, the overproduction avatar he won praise for his unique technical quality, while at the same time he was mocked by those who found his simplistic and pamphleteer story of an over-the-top environmentalist – in this case, James Cameron, the director and staunch defender of nature. Now, nearly thirteen years after its debut, avatar returns to theaters proving that its message was an alert to the global urgency.

In a heat before the arrival of its long-awaited sequel, Avatar 2: The Way of the Waterswhich debuts in December, Avatar 1 enters the poster in a revamped version, in 4K. The special effects and 3D, revolutionary in 2009, remain stunning – and the new super high resolution means that the film doesn’t lose anything in quality for newcomers. The icing on the cake is a teaser of avatar 2 right after the end credits.

Recalling the story, ex-military Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) embarks on a journey to the planet Pandora, which is being explored by an American company interested in an exclusive mineral there. Jake joins a diplomatic project, with scientists, who have developed a body like the native aliens, the Na’vi, accessed by them through a biological neural connection technology. In the forest he meets Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), a native with whom he falls in love. Even before joining her, Jake is enchanted by the culture of the Na’vi and the relationship they have with all the surrounding nature. James Cameron’s very expensive environmental warning brought in $2.8 billion at the box office. With this re-release, the film could become the first to surpass 3 billion. I have a ticket that is worth it.

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