DF accumulates 121 days without rain in DF

posted on 09/04/2022 21:32

Very hot day in Brasilia. – (credit: Ed Alves/CB)

Last August 7th, Brasilienses felt the hottest day of the year. According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the thermometers reached 32.9°C at the Águas Emendadas station, in Planaltina. In the hottest hours of this Sunday (4/9), it was no different. The first weekend of September reached 32.7°C, with relative humidity below 12%, indicating an emergency alert.

  • Very hot day in Brasilia. In the photo Giovana Rodrigues and João Gomes
    Ed Alves/CB

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    Very hot day in Brasilia. In the photo Carlos Henrique Frossard and sons.
    Ed Alves/CB

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    Very hot day in Brasilia.
    Ed Alves/CB

Winter — a season that marks the dry and hot period during the day, and the cold during the dawn — took citizens to parks in search of shade, to ice cream parlors in search of refreshment and to Lago Paranoá, the famous beach of Brasília, to relieve yourself. Accompanied by his children, Marcelo Frossard, 41, could not resist the heat and stopped with the children aged 7 and 3 to buy coconut water in Parque da Cidade.

Around 5:30 pm, the trio sat down to hydrate. For Marcelo, being with his children doing physical activity is pleasant, but it is done responsibly. “We love to ride a bike and we do it all the time. We left in the morning and in the afternoon we went home, but it was sunny, a beautiful day, and we decided to finish enjoying it. I confess that we are hot, we like the warmer weather, but the skin is very dry, we are feeling it. But coconut water and açaí can not be missed”, said the father.

In a state of alert – released by the National Institute of Meteorology – between June and September, the low relative humidity, together with the lack of rain, totaling 121 days in the country’s capital, worries authorities. The Civil Defense recommended that the population avoid the practice of outdoor activities between 10 am and 5 pm, increase fluid intake, not take long baths with hot water and lots of soap, discard excessive use of air conditioning and wear protective solar.

For dry weather, it is also important to use room moisturizers and humidifiers. Children and the elderly need special attention as they are the most affected by the weather. It is at this time of year that there is the highest rate of respiratory problems. Low rates can cause problems such as allergic and respiratory complications due to dry mucous membranes, nose bleeds, dry skin and eye irritation.


For the beginning of this week, the scenario is repeated in the Federal District. Meteorologist Andrea Ramos told the Correio that there is no forecast of rain for the next 10 days. “This season in Brasília is expected, but some care needs to be taken. With no forecast of rain, with high temperatures and low levels of relative humidity, people from Brasilia will continue to suffer from the atmospheric blockage that provides the dry and hot air mass in the Midwest”, said the professional.

Regarding health care, professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Brasília and pulmonologist Ricardo Martins pointed out that people do not need to worry about the red alert, because, despite the weather being dry and hot, people from Brasília are able to reverse this frame taking some precautions.

“No one needs to despair because it only happens in one period of the day, as it is transitory. In any case, there is a need for citizens to reinforce the defenses and humidification of the body and the environment. As our body is made up of 70% water, it is essential for the proper functioning of the organs. Therefore, drink water, consume natural fruit juices, vegetables, greens, apply sunscreen, use wet towels and avoid severe physical activities at hot times, as dehydration is what worries me the most”, said the doctor.

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