For health reasons, Quinho will not sing at Salgueiro in the official parade, but the school announces support for the singer and tribute in the sound car

At the beginning of the first round of samba-enredo for Carnival 2023, last Saturday night, the president of Salgueiro, André Vaz, announced that Quinho will not parade as one of the official performers of the red and white, due to his recovery process of health. Recently, the singer discovered a lump in his urethra. For peace of mind, his contract was renewed for four years. With the decision of the direction of Salgueiro, Emerson Dias continues in command of the main microphone from Salgueiro, now in solo format.

Photo: Allan Duffes/Site CARNAVALESCO

“Quinho is taking care of his health. A very serious treatment. We made an agreement with Quinho. We renewed his contract for four years. He will no longer sing in Salgueiro’s sound car, unfortunately, because he is taking care of his health. Until the end of our term, he will receive his salary so that he can have peace of mind, take care of his health and his private life,” said André Vaz.

According to the president of Salgueiro, Quinho will be on Avenida, but not singing with the school singers. André Vaz also revealed that the interpreter was honored by having his name immortalized in the salguerein sound car.

André Vaz, president of Salgueiro, explained how the tribute to Quinho will be in the sound car

“For all that Quinho represents, our board decided to extend the contract for him to take care of his health. When he’s recovered he’ll be on the court on Saturdays so he can put on the show he’s always given. He will be on the Avenue on top of the sound car saluting the public. We decided to pay tribute to him and the sound car will be named Quinho do Salgueiro. In addition, we are already creating projects for him with children, which is Quinho do Futuro, and he will play”.

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