Rain returns to southern Brazil this beginning of the week

The rain is back in the south of Brazil this beginning of the week. Early-night radar images showed precipitation in several areas of the North and Midwest of Paraná, such as the areas of Londrina, Maringá, Cascavel and Guarapuava. The rain still reached isolated points in the extreme west of Santa Catarina.

The afternoon satellite images already foreshadowed the return of the rain which was indicated by numerical models. Clouds of greater vertical development advanced from Paraguay to the south of Brazil, heading mainly towards the west of Santa Catarina and Paraná. In Rio Grande do Sul, with the exception of the Northwest, most of the state had clear weather and clear skies, that is, without clouds.

The instability this beginning of the week should affect areas further north of the south of Brazil. Santa Catarina and Paraná this Monday should have increased clouds, although the sun appears with cloudiness in several areas, mainly in Santa Catarina. During the day, the rain advances and reaches most of the two states and can even be moderate to heavy in some points with thunderstorms.

The sun appears throughout Rio Grande do Sul with broad periods of clear sky in several regions, but during the day clouds enter the North Half. It is not ruled out even rain in the late afternoon and at night in points in the Northwest, Plateau, Middle and Upper Uruguay, close to the border with Santa Catarina. The open time of dawn brings another cold dawn. Fog, fog or low clouds at different points at dawn, especially in the Center and East of the state. The afternoon will be pleasant.

On Tuesday, instability increases in southern Brazil with increased cloudiness in Rio Grande do Sul. It rains during the day in many areas of Santa Catarina and Paraná. MetSul Meteorologia warns that the rain on Tuesday will be locally strong and with a risk of isolated hail in Paraná with heavier clouds. The rain still hits the vast majority of places in Santa Catarina on Tuesday.

The sun comes to appear with clouds in several regions of Rio Grande do Sul on Tuesday, but the cloudiness increases a lot in the state at the beginning of the day. The weather becomes unstable with rain in several regions, but it is anticipated that rainfall will be very irregular in distribution and in several places further south and west it should not rain. Instability will be greater in the North and Northeast of Rio Grande do Sul. Porto Alegre should have sun and clouds with increased cloudiness on Tuesday and brief and fleeting rain is not ruled out.

On Wednesday, the sun appears with clouds in most of southern Brazil, but some areas will still have periods of greater cloudiness. The possibility of localized rain remains, at least for part of the day, in a few points in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná. With warmer air ingress, some very isolated clouds of greater development may form with some risk of thunderstorms and hail.

The map below shows the projection of accumulated rainfall in 72 hours, up to 9 am on Wednesday, from the high resolution WRF model of MetSul Meteorologia. The model is available to our subscriber in the maps section with two daily updates. There is a tendency for the highest accumulated accumulations to be concentrated in the state of Paraná, while in some regions of Rio Grande do Sul it should not even rain.

Instability returns as the mass of cold air that reached the south of the country on Friday begins to weaken and the center of high pressure that was over the region moves towards the Atlantic Ocean. Sunday was dominated by the sun with broad periods of clear sky in Rio Grande do Sul after a freezing dawn with minimums of up to -4ºC in the highest parts of the state of Rio Grande do Sul and up to -9ºC in the Planalto Sul Catarinensewhich brought a lot of frost.

As expected, with the weakening of the polar air, this Sunday afternoon had higher highs and was mild in Rio Grande do Sul. Many cities have not yet reached 20ºC, but the cold of the day before was not repeated. On the official network, Campo Bom had the highest in the state with 20.6ºC. The temperature also managed to reach 20ºC in points in the Northwest, such as Santa Rosa, which was 21.1ºC.

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