See the moment of the collision of a car against a pole and attacks by motorcyclists – Capital

Security camera footage shows the moment a Jac Motors vehicle collides with a pole on Avenida Albert Sabin, in the Taveirópolis neighborhood, in the Capital, in the early hours of Sunday (4). In the video, it is possible to understand the dynamics of the accident, which occurred after confusion in convenience, according to witnesses.

The footage shows three men, two on a motorcycle, and another on a second motorcycle, passing through the scene shortly after the accident. Then these same men appear to return to the scene, and get off the motorcycle.

At this moment, one of them removes his helmet and starts beating the driver of the crashed vehicle. Witnesses also claim that the driver was already unconscious when he was attacked with “helmets”.

Video shows attackers removing helmets to attack car occupants. (Photo: Reproduction/Video Straight from the Streets)

This same aggressor goes around the car and addresses the passenger in the back seat of the vehicle, opens the car door, and also hits him with his helmet, while a second occupant of the motorcycle continues to attack the driver.

Apparently, as more witnesses approached, two of the three occupants of the motorcycles began to insist that the man who continued to beat the driver to leave the scene. You can hear cries of “let’s go, let’s go!”.

Wounded – The people in the car remain hospitalized, two men and a woman, who suffered minor injuries. They were sent to the Santa Casa.

According to the hospital, the patient in the most serious condition is a 55-year-old man, the driver, the last to be removed from the vehicle. He was admitted to the health unit at 6:11 am. He is being treated at the Santa Casa emergency room, conscious, oriented, breathing with the aid of a device and using medication. He had laboratory and imaging tests, and was evaluated by specialists in neurology, urology, and general surgery. The professionals in these areas released the patient, however, he had to undergo a procedure in the thoracic surgery specialty and is currently awaiting a schedule for an orthopedic surgical procedure.

Dynamics – According to another witness, a woman who talked to the Campo Grande Newsthe car’s occupants fled after confusion started at a convenience.

Car was destroyed after collision. (Photo: Straight from the Streets)

“From what the passenger in the car said, they were at Murilo Conveniência when the motorcycles tried to close them, who did not stop and accelerated, knocking a motorcycle over”, he reports. She preferred not to identify herself.

At Albert Sabin, the car would have “ramped” when passing through the speed bump that is in front of Elias Gadia square, and they hit an electric power pole, which ended up having the power supply interrupted due to the force of the impact of the car. against the post.

“The bikers came back and began to ‘helmet’ drivers. The driver’s leg was crushed and a young woman was passed out”, completes the woman. The driver was trapped in the wreckage and had to be rescued by the Fire Department, which used extrication to remove the driver.

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