Marconi waves to the surroundings of the DF with proposals for the region

Marconi in Valparaiso (Photo: Disclosure)

When participating in a political event in Valparaíso de Goiás, the candidate for senator Marconi Perillo (PSDB) announced a series of projects, actions and proposals for the surrounding region of the DF to be presented by him in Congress, if elected in October. Among the announced commitments is the fight for the creation of the Free Zone of the Entorno of the DF, in addition to a federal university and a federal hospital in the region.

Marconi launched his candidacy for the Senate in the city, alongside former mayor and deputy Lêda Borges (PSDB), who is running for federal deputy, and former mayor of Luziânia, Cristóvão Tormin (Patriota), candidate for state deputy. The political meeting took place at Mansão Cristal, on Saturday night (30), and was attended by a large audience and leaders from several cities in the region.

In a speech, Marconi said that it is necessary to work to generate employment and income in the region. “The surroundings need jobs and there is a way for us to fight and bring jobs: to fight hard to create a free zone in the surroundings”, he said.

“This region needs to have its own job. For this, it is necessary to have a free zone with zero federal and state taxes, so that the white goods, software and computer industries can come here, next to the federal capital, to generate employment”, said the candidate. . Marconi recalled that the creation, in Amazonas, of the Manaus Free Trade Zone, helped that state a lot.

Marconi also announced the proposal to work for the region of Valparaíso to have a federal hospital. “We will fight, preferably, for this emergency or regional hospital to be a federal hospital. Because the federal government has to look at the surroundings”, he said, noting that the state does not participate in a federal fund to help the region.

The former governor also announced that if elected, he will fight for a university for the region “The surroundings must have a federal university. When governor I got two new universities. Goiás only had one federal government in Goiânia”, he said.

“I managed to help Jataí and Catalão, southeast and southwest; let’s fight now so that the surroundings of the DF have their own”, he said. Marconi also mentioned other proposals for the surroundings, such as bringing the BRT from Santa Maria to Luziânia, passing through Valparaíso.

Perillo reaffirmed that he will work hard for Goiás and for Brazil in the Senate. “We have to fight hard, with amendments and influence. Senator can’t be lazy senator. We have to have influential senators and deputies, who have strength, credibility, the ability to articulate, reference,” he said.

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