Who are Brazil’s agribusiness billionaires?

Who are Brazil’s agribusiness billionaires?
Who are Brazil’s agribusiness billionaires?

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Who are the 10 biggest agribusiness billionaires in Brazil?
Who are the 10 biggest agribusiness billionaires in Brazil? Photo: Pixabay

The Forbes ranking of the richest people in the world in 2022 has 290 Brazilians. Of this total, 54 billionaires are related to agribusiness, of which 10 are women.



You agribusiness billionaires in Brazil considered by Forbes are those that have businesses directly associated with production in the field, or those that are active in the sector.

in the list of Brazilian agribusiness billionairesincludes Jorge Paulo Lemann, who is also the richest man in brazil 2022. The ranking also includes Marcel Herrmann Telles and Carlos Alberto da Veiga Sicupira, who occupy the third and fourth positions of the largest Brazilian billionaires on Forbes, respectively. Also present on the list are the Batista brothers, from JBS (JBSS3).

The criteria used to form the list of brazilian billionaires considers the methodology of Forbes in the United States, that is, its main source of information is the shareholding position in companies listed on the stock exchanges until May 31, 2022.

The 10 biggest agribusiness billionaires in Brazil

The sum of the assets of all 54 Brazilian agribusiness billionaires is approximately R$ 402.20 billion. Only Jorge Paulo Lemann and his family, who lead the ranking with R$ 72 billion, correspond to 17.9% of this total. See who are the 10 richest in Brazil in this sector.

  1. Jorge Paulo Lemann and his family – R$72 billion
  2. Marcel Herrmann Telles – BRL 48 billion
  3. Carlos Alberto da Veiga Sicupira – BRL 39.85 billion
  4. Joesley Mendonça Batista – BRL 22.5 billion
  5. Wesley Mendonça Batista – BRL 22.5 billion
  6. Walter Faria – BRL 16.7 billion
  7. Rubens Ometto Silveira Mello – BRL 14.5 billion
  8. Alceu Elias Feldmann – BRL 13 billion
  9. José Luís Cutrale Júnior and family – BRL 9.2 billion
  10. Jorge Luiz Silva Logemann and family – R$7.17 billion

The leader of the ranking of agribusiness billionaires, represented by Jorge Paulo Lemann and his family, has the origin of his fortune in AB Inbev and 3G Capital, despite the recent significant drop in his equity. Lemann is a controlling shareholder of AB Inbev and has stakes in Kraft Heinz and Restaurant Brands International, which controls the Burger King and Tim Hortons chains.

Marcel Herrmann Telles’ fortune also comes from AB Inbev and through his partnership with Lemann at 3G Capital. He is also a shareholder in ClearSale, with a relevant stake of 9%, through Innova Capital. The company had its IPO on the Brazilian stock exchange (B3) in July 2022.

The equity of Carlos Alberto da Veiga Sicupira and his family is R$ 39.85 billion, a fortune also achieved with AB Inbev and 3G Capital. He is on the board of directors of Lojas Americanas, along with Paulo Alberto Lemann.

The well-known “Baptist brothers”, a duo formed by Joesley Batista and Wesley Batista, are controlling shareholders of JBS, with the holding J&F Investimentos. The fortune of each of them is R$ 22.5 billion.



Another Brazilian on the list of Brazilian agribusiness billionaires is Walter Faria, with a fortune of R$ 16.7 billion. He owns Grupo Petrópolis and managed to place the company among the three largest breweries in Brazil. This was achieved due to the success of Itaipava, Crystal and Petra, brands that belong to the company.

In addition, Rubens Ometto Silveira Mello is the controller of Cosan (CSAN3) and is 19th in the general list of Brazilian billionaires, with a net worth of R$ 14.5 billion. Cosan is the largest sugarcane processor in the world. Raízen was created with the business combination of Shell and Cosan in 2010, later becoming the most important world producer of ethanol.

Eighth on the list agribusiness billionaires in Brazil is Alceu Elias Feldmann, with a net worth of R$ 13 billion. This fortune came with the creation of Fertipar, whose share in the national fertilizer market is 15%. Feldmann also owns 85% of the group, which has 14 agribusiness companies.

The assets of José Luís Cutrale Júnior and his family are R$9.2 billion. With this fortune, the Brazilian reaches the 32nd place in the general list, at the age of 49. Born in São Paulo, the origin of his heritage is Cutrale and Chiquita.

José Luís Júnior, José Henrique and Graziela inherited the fortune of José Luís Cutrale, who died in August 2022, and Cutrale is the world’s largest exporter of orange juice.

Jorge Luiz Silva Logemann and his family have a net worth of R$7.17 billion. Logemann was born in Rio Grande do Sul and is 68 years old. The origin of his fortune is SLC Agrícola (SLCE3), an agricultural commodities company founded in 1978 by Grupo SLC. His position in Forbes’ overall billionaires ranking is 47th.

SLC Agrícola is one of the most important owners of cultivated land in Brazil. The group also owned SLC Alimentos until 2018, when it was acquired by Camil for R$308 million. With that, Jorge Luiz Silva Logemann joined the list of billionaires of agribusiness in Brazil.



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