F-5 fighter jets fly low at Air Force Ceremony for Military Woman’s 40th Anniversary

Image: Brazilian Air Force

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of women in the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), the Aeronautics Instruction and Adaptation Center (CIAAR), located in Lagoa Santa (MG), held a military ceremony on Friday, September 2, which was chaired by the Commander of the Brazilian Air Force, Lieutenant-Brigadier of the Air Carlos de Almeida Baptista Junior, received by the Commander of the CIAAR, Brigadier of the Air José Henrique Kaipper, and with the presence of other civil and military authorities.

According to the following video, produced by the FAB itself from the ceremony, it is noted that two F-5 fighter jets were sent to be part of the tributes and celebrations, with a low level at an important moment of the ceremony.

Since the FAB opened the doors for the first women to join its workforce, in 1982, new chapters of this history continue to be written, day after day, with the competence and commitment necessary to overcome the challenges.

The entry of Military Women into the FAB occurred due to the creation of the Female Corps of the Air Force Reserve, formed by the Female Officers Staff (QFO) and the Female Graduates Staff (QFG), the latter composed of Sergeants and Corporals. Over time, the competence and professionalism shown by these pioneers served to consolidate the importance of incorporating women into the FAB.

On that occasion, the National Anthem was conducted by the first female musician to join the Air Force, Petty Officer Ana Elisa, who spoke about the importance and surprise of being at the head of the Banda de Música as the first female soldier:

“It is a great emotion to be part of these 40 years. It was an accident to be the first woman in history because I passed the contest alone and I wanted to have other companions at that moment. Along with me I had great companions through it all, I feel honored at this moment, I had a lot of strength from my co-workers and my boss, it is a very great honor”, ​​she recalls.

In his reading of the Order of the Day, the Air Force Commander, Lieutenant-Brigadeiro Baptista Junior, spoke about the moment to celebrate yet another page in the history of the institution, the 40th anniversary of the entry of military women into the Brazilian Air Force:

“Noble women in blue! History is full of records about their great deeds, marked by overcoming, however, we know that there is still much to be conquered. Know that each individual victory substantially contributes to the evolution of NOSSA FAB, which becomes, every day, more cohesive and firm in its constitutional purposes”, she declared.

“Finally, I would like to quote an excerpt from the poem “O homem e a mulher” by the French writer Victor Hugo, which is capable of synthesizing respect for different but complementary characteristics. […] man is placed where the earth ends; The woman, where the sky begins!’ Congratulations to the women of the Brazilian Air Force, examples of Love, Courage and Duty!”, concluded the General Officer.

On the occasion, tributes were paid to the Pioneers of the Female Air Force Corps, of the First Class of the Female Officers, Class Demoiselle, to Major Marli Perilo; of the First Class of the Female Graduates, Class Anésia Pinheiro Machado, Lieutenant Colonel Rita de Cássia Zambom Gagno and Petty Officer Ivanilda da Silva Valente, respectively from the Training Courses for Corporals and Sergeants.

Petty Officer Ivanilda spoke about the emotion of being part of the history of women at FAB:

“It’s more than a pride to be here. It is the realization of a dream that passes on to the next generations. Certainly, many years from now, they will tell that someone had the courage to enter the FAB and that this produced a new market for women, an expanding market”, she declared.

Lieutenant-Colonel Rita spoke about the emotion of wearing the blue uniform:

“This moment for me, I’m going to tell you from my heart, it’s an emotion because in 1982 we were arriving here I was only 18 years old so leaving home for a new life and putting on this blue uniform totally changed my life and I I don’t regret anything at all, I’m very grateful to all the women who came after we started to break new ground”, he concluded.

Also in honor of the Female Corps of Graduates of the Brazilian Air Force, the Graduate-Master at the School of Specialists in Aeronautics (EEAR), Sub-Officer Specialist in Nursing Renata da Silva Marinho, was honored for being the second woman to hold the position. On the occasion, the Petty Officer spoke about the importance of the moment:

“I see the importance of women in the FAB as a sign of equality, to show that we too can do the same activities, the same actions as men, proof of this is militarism, where we achieve command of my function as Graduate-Master, which I am the second, the nursing function, which is a support activity and which is not so visible. This shows that it is an exempt process that really is a merit, no matter if you are male or female. In my role it was an opportunity to get to know all the activities of the Air Force”, she concluded.

Finishing the tributes with the Female Corps of Officers of the Brazilian Air Force, the Air Force Commander delivered a souvenir to the Medical Brigadier Carla Lyrio Martins, representing the women who hold the highest positions of an institution, while the F-5 fighters did the low to the ceremony.

Image: Brazilian Air Force

Brigadeiro spoke about the importance of being a woman in the FAB:

“The presence of women in the FAB is a natural reflection of social evolution. I joined the FAB 32 years ago and was included in the ranks of the FAB, I realize that the organizational values ​​they have greatly facilitated the reception of women in the military, so once we are included, all opportunities are equal. The proof of this is me, Officer General, having stepped on so many posts. Most of my trajectory is dedicated to operational and existential health and in 2015 in the management area, it is essential that women are predisposed to also participate in the military power of our Brazil”, she concluded.

Inauguration of the Monument alluding to the 40th anniversary of the Women’s Entry into the FAB

On the occasion, the bust was reopened, which in 2007 was inaugurated in the former facilities of the Center for Instruction and Adaptation of the Aeronautics in Pampulha (MG), in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Ingress of Military Women.

In 2018, due to the move of CIAAR to Lagoa Santa, the monument had been removed and would later be inaugurated in the new facilities. Now, with the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Military Woman’s Entry into the FAB, CIAAR reopens the Monument after restoration carried out by the Lago Santa Aeronautical Material Park (PAMA-LS).

Image: Brazilian Air Force

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