Check out how was the day of the candidates for the Presidency of the Republic

Candidates for the Presidency of the Republic entered the fourth week of the campaign with activities such as walking, leafleting and recording electoral propaganda.

The PDT candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Ciro Gomes, campaigned this Sunday in Minas Gerais. Ciro held a Meeting with Women in Uberlândia and promised to transform Brazilian education into the best in the world in 15 years. He also criticized what he called the polarization of national politics and the high indebtedness of Brazilians, caused, according to him, by the governments of the last 11 years.

José Maria Eymael (DC) had no official campaign agenda this Sunday.

Candidate Felipe D’Ávila (Novo) fulfilled his agenda in Novo Esteio (RS), metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, where he visited the 45th Expointer, at Parque de Exposições Assis Brasil. Then, in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, he had lunch at CTG Estância da Azenha. In the late afternoon, he took a walk in Jaime Lerner Park (Orla do Guaíba). In conversation with producers from Rio Grande do Sul, he said that the “Brazil that works is agribusiness”. “There is no doubt that agribusiness is the engine, the lever in Brazil that works. If we take 2010 and 2020, the agribusiness GDP grew 32%, and the industry GDP dropped 18%. Therefore, these small sighs of growth economy in Brazil is because of agriculture”, he said.

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), candidate for reelection, participated, this Sunday morning (4), in the ceremony for the exchange of the National Flag, which always takes place on the first Sunday of each month at Praça dos Três Poderes, on the Esplanada dos Ministérios, in Brasilia. The National Flag Pole is about 100 meters high and has the largest Brazilian flag flying in the country. This Sunday’s act also marked the opening of the Semana da Pátria, which this year celebrates the 200th anniversary of Brazil’s Independence. Bolsonaro was accompanied by First Lady Michelle Bolsonaro, ministers, authorities and the military. The hoisting of the new flag is made to the sound of the National Anthem and the sounding of seven cheers on a sailor whistle, followed by a battery of 21-shot cannon salvos. There is also the lowering of the replaced flag, accompanied by the singing of the hymn to the flag, and the parade of the Guard of Honor.

Candidate Leonardo Péricles (UP) spent Sunday without political activities, at home, with his family.

Candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) met with domestic workers at the ABC Metalworkers Union in São Bernardo do Campo (SP). They delivered a document with claims of the category to the next government. Lula recalled that there are 5.2 million domestic workers in Brazil, 65% of whom are black. In addition, 4 million do not have a formal contract. “I pledge to read the document I received today and let’s work together to improve the lives of domestic workers in the country,” he said.

Pablo Marçal (Pros) made a “sticker”, in Goiânia, in the middle of the afternoon. In his social networks, the candidate said he was ready to spend the next four years ruling the nation, “to make families be restored, to open companies, to generate jobs, to ward off this monster of inflation that has plagued the world and our country. ”.

Candidate Simone Tebet (MDB) met at the end of the morning with Archbishop Dom Orlando Abrantes, at the Redemptorist Convent, in Aparecida (SP). Afterwards, she attended a mass at the Basilica of Aparecida. In an interview with journalists after the meeting, she said that the visit had a personal nature, but was not unrelated to the political moment that Brazil is going through. “I came to ask Our Lady for protection,” she said. “For me, there is nothing without faith. She moves us. So, I come with my faith and I seek the peace I need to continue here.” In the afternoon, the senator returned to São Paulo to record her television program for electoral propaganda.

Candidate Sofia Manzano (PCB) does leafleting in the Federal District. On social media, Sofia listed measures to combat hunger, such as the creation of restaurant chains and popular markets; the maintenance and expansion of emergency aid programs for unemployed workers; and freezing the price of basic food basket items.

Soraya Thronicke, from União Brasil, spent the day in São Paulo holding meetings with campaign advisers and making recordings for the electoral program.

Vera Lucia (PSTU) was today in the Vila Esperança neighborhood, in Osasco (SP), where she took a walk and had lunch with residents.

* Pedro Rafael Vilela, Alana Gandra and Bruno Bocchini collaborated.

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