Young People of the Future Circuit starts its first in-person edition this Sunday at AC

Young People of the Future Circuit starts its first in-person edition this Sunday at AC
Young People of the Future Circuit starts its first in-person edition this Sunday at AC

Inspired by the letter written by Chico Mendes on September 6, 1988, addressed to the youth of the future, the Chico Mendes Committee will hold the Young People of the Future Circuit on the 4th, 5th and 6th. In partnership with Amazônia de Pé, Fundação Amazônia Sustentável, Nucleus of Study, Research and Extension Euclides Távora and Negritar.

The Young People of the Future Circuit, promoted by the Chico Mendes Committee in partnership with Amazônia de Pé and Fundação Amazônia Sustentável, starts this Sunday (4). The circuit, which runs until the 6th, closes the program with the Amazon Cultural Show with the exhibition of short films and the presentation of the theatrical play “Afluentes Acreanas”, by the Candeeiro Theater Association.

The circuit emerged to inspire youth for the challenges of the 21st century, in search of social rights and climate justice, as well as to summon this generation to start the revolutionary wave called for by Chico. In 2020 and 2021, the first two editions were held virtually, bringing together young leaders from Brazil and more than 20 countries.

This year will be the first face-to-face edition, with street activities on the 4th and 5th, in the cities of Rio Branco, Xapuri and Brasiléia. And on the 6th, the date on which the letter was written, the Amazon Cultural Show will take place at Cine Teatro Recreio, with the screening of short films produced in the Amazon and the theatrical presentation of the play “Afluentes Acreanas”, by Associação Teatro Candeeiro.

Letter from Chico Mendes

“Young people of the future – September 6, 2120, the anniversary or first centenary of the world socialist revolution, which united all the peoples of the planet in a single ideal and in a single thought of socialist unity, and which put an end to all the enemies of new society. Here are only the memory of a sad past of pain, suffering and death. Sorry. I was dreaming when I wrote these events that I myself will not see. But I have the pleasure of dreaming.”

circuit schedule

04/09 (Sunday):

Rio Branco – Collage of lambes

05/09 (Monday):

Rio Branco – Itinerant screening

Brasiléia – Collage of lambe and projection

Location: Praça dos Seringueiros

Time: 6pm

Xapuri – Collage of lambe.

06/09 (Tuesday):

Rio Branco – Amazon Cultural Show (Free Entry)

Location: Cine Teatro Recreio

Time: Start at 18:30 – Audiovisual Show (Negritar)

20h – Play Afluentes Acreanas (Candeeiro Theater)

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