School trip ends with food poisoning and students in hospital in Ladainha | Valleys of Minas Gerais

School trip ends with food poisoning and students in hospital in Ladainha | Valleys of Minas Gerais
School trip ends with food poisoning and students in hospital in Ladainha | Valleys of Minas Gerais

This Saturday afternoon (03), military police were called at the Doutor Arthur Rausch Municipal Hospital, in Ladainha, after children, teachers and staff were admitted with symptoms of food poisoning. About one-thirty before, they had had a meal in a municipal school in the city.

According to the incident report, the doctor on duty reported that dozens of children, between 60 and 70, aged 1 to 10 years, students from the municipal public network, presented acute gastroenteritis from food poisoningpossibly bacterial, characterized by severe abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea.

Doctors who were off duty were called to help with care. All patients remained under observation, without risk, according to the medical bulletin. They were discharged until this Sunday (04), and were released.

A teacher told the military that, as planned by the Municipal Department of Education and after obtaining authorization from the parents and guardians of the students, they went on a school bus tour of tourist attractions in the city of Ladainha.

Upon arriving in the municipality, after a walk, around 12:00, he went with the aforementioned students and others to the CEMEI – Municipal Center for Early Childhood Education to have lunch.

He said that while he was eating, noticed that the meal had a “slightly sour taste”, slightly masked by an oil-like oil that was in the food, which for this reason couldn’t eat all the food, leaving some on the plate.

After lunch, they followed the route of activities, around 2 pm, when they were finishing a tour of the hydroelectric plant, all the students started to feel sick at the same time, they immediately went to the hospital where everyone was attended, including her.

Other teachers were heard by the military, some said they food tasted and looked normal, others said they tasted sour in their meal.

Still according to the BO, it was not found no food that has expired or is apparently unfit for consumption at the CEMEI where the meal was served. The place will be closed until the police decision.

Participated in the tour 55 students from 3 schools in the region, 7 teachers, 5 servants and 2 drivers.

The Civil Police Delegate of Ladainha, Dr César Cândido Neves Junior, reported that samples of the meal served(rice with chicken, beans, salad, water, pineapple juice), they will be forwarded to the expertise of Belo Horizonte.

The delegate also informed that a procedure will be instituted to investigate what happened.

The g1 tried to contact the city’s Municipal Department of Education but still had no response. As well as the direction of the hospital.

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