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Sunday started with red invading the streets of Olinda during the motorcade carried out by the majority slate of Pernambuco coalition in the veincommanded by Marília Arraes (Solidarity), candidate for the Government of Pernambuco. Beside Sebastião Oliveira (Forward)candidate for lieutenant governor, André de Paula (PSD)candidate for the Senate, and Maria Arraes, candidate for the Chamber of Deputies, Marília traveled 24 kilometers passing through nine neighborhoods of the Marim dos Caetésdragging supporters who followed the route in more than 800 vehicles between cars and motorcycles.

Wherever it went, the motorcade caught the attention of residents, shopkeepers, drivers, bus passengers and the general population, who reacted with waves and great joy. At several points, the car carrying the majority had to stop to respond to the waving and requests for handshakes and selfies made by the population.

“It is very good to feel this joy and confidence that comes from our people. In every smile, in every hug, in every word of support. And this is how, on the people’s side, we will renew hope and rescue our people’s self-esteem. And we will do it with political responsibility. As of January, with Lula again in the Presidency of the Republic, Pernambuco will smile again”, highlighted Marília.

Very excited by the receptivity, the candidate for vice governor, Sebastião Oliveira, recalled the historical and political importance of Olinda. “We walked the streets of one of the oldest cities in Brazil, which was the birthplace, next to Recife, of some of the political movements most important in our country. And receiving so much affection from the people of Olinda gives us even more inspiration and awareness of the size of our responsibility”, commented Sebastião.

“Olinda gave us her best hug today. The caravan of hope that has been taking over all of Pernambuco was received with the sparkle in people’s eyes and that is very gratifying. And so much affection, so much hope, is the reflection of this work, of this struggle that Marília has been leading, who has shown all her ability to aggregate and work to make Pernambuco go back to being the giant it always was”, said the candidate for the Senate, André de Paula.

A good part of the 176 proportional candidates of the Pernambuco na Veia coalition were present in the activity. The concentration of the motorcade took place in the Arcoverde Memorial Park and continued through the neighborhoods of Ilha de Santa Tereza, Varadouro, Carmo, Bairro Novo, Rio Doce, Jardim Atlântico, Bultrins and Ouro Preto.

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