Video: Syndicate assaulted by resident in condominium in Barra, Rio – Nacional

Video: Syndicate assaulted by resident in condominium in Barra, Rio – Nacional
Video: Syndicate assaulted by resident in condominium in Barra, Rio – Nacional

The manager of a condominium in Barra da Tijuca, a neighborhood in the west of Rio de Janeiro, was slapped last Tuesday (30) by a resident who reportedly got angry when he was prevented from using the gym in the building, which was closed for maintenance.

In a video from the security camera released by the defense of Dayse de Souza Ribeiro, 39, she appears sitting in a chair, using her cell phone, when the merchant Amadeu Ribeiro de Souza Neto appears and delivers a strong blow to her face.

She even falls off the chair in the gym room at Condomnio Marina Barra Bella and then stands up staggering. Photos taken after the assault show a wound on his head, blood drips down his body and his swollen mouth.
Folha called the bar where the merchant is a partner, but the call was not answered.

Moment in which a resident assaults the condominium councilor (photo: reproduction)

According to lawyer Daniel Blanck, the tenants were warned that the academy would be closed for painting that day, but even so, the merchant went down and opened the academy. The porter then asked him to leave, which he did not do.

The superintendent was called, spoke to the resident and turned off the lights. Still according to her report, he turned on the switch again and came to grip her arm tightly, cursing.

Dayse then entered the room with the lights off to prevent him from using the space. Moments later, Amadeu’s personal trainer appears in the images talking to her to try to resolve the situation. But he arrives and slaps the syndicate in the face.

The victim called the Military Police, however, when the team arrived, the aggressor had already left. She then went to the police station in Barra (16th), which registered the case as bodily harm and referred the woman for a forensic examination.
The following day, Wednesday (31), Amadeu attended the condominium assembly. “He showed up, and she was very intimidated. She said she couldn’t participate and left, clearly mocking the situation,” says Blanck.

At the meeting, residents voted to expel the merchant from the building. The defense says that asking for Justice is a protective measure and that he loses the right to frequent the place (but he cannot take away his property right).
“The police station did not understand it as a crime against women. But we understand that if it had been a man it would not have been committed, so it was due to gender, yes”, defends the lawyer.

According to him, the administrator had already registered three other police reports against the trader since 2020, for insult and defamation, for cursing and verbal aggression, but he was unable to detail what happened in these situations.

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