In Minas Gerais, man argues with Ciro after talking about favelas

In Minas Gerais, man argues with Ciro after talking about favelas
In Minas Gerais, man argues with Ciro after talking about favelas

Bruno Luis Barros – State of Minas

posted on 04/09/2022 14:58 / updated on 04/09/2022 14:58

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Ciro Gomes (PDT) participated in a live at Aglomerado da Serra, in Belo Horizonte, on Saturday night (3/9). At the end of the event, which was attended by people from the community, a resident questioned the candidate for the presidency of the Republic about a controversial statement regarding the knowledge of the economy by Brazilians who live in the favelas.

“What was the point of your speech? What does that represent for us who are from the Aglomerate? Do we actually have a lower understanding than the managers or are we able to understand what you are saying?”, the boy asked while recording. by cell phone.

Ciro was uncomfortable and even insinuated that the man would be a follower of the Free Brazil Movement, with a political position on the right. “Are you finished with your speech? Finished with your speech, MBL?” The resident responded by saying that he didn’t like the MBL.

When explaining the episode, Ciro gave an example of a recent visit to a hospital. “I was in a child cancer hospital this week. The doctor talked about morphological and oncological cytology. I said: ‘I don’t know what the hell this is, please explain to me’. That is, when we don’t understand something, we don’t we are smaller than anyone else. That was all”.

“I was at the Federation of Industries and prepared an explanation of the Brazilian economic situation. I attributed it to Brazilian monetary policy and the exchange rate. When the exchange rate performs, you promote a deindustrialization of the country. They all understood easily. Only those who had the opportunity to be (…) for it understand this subject”.

Again, the man asked Ciro Gomes if the residents of Aglomerado da Serra did not have the same conditions of understanding as the businessmen. The presidential candidate complained about the insistence on the topic. “Did you come here to provoke?”

Subsequently, members of the candidate’s team asked the boy to leave the place, as he was not welcome. A small confusion formed with other residents questioning the man’s conduct. He left the place then.

Ciro says it’s a subject that has been overcome

To the Estado de Minas report, Ciro said that it is a matter that has been overcome. “It is gross hypocrisy. I won the world prize for combating infant mortality. I am here on a slab, last Thursday I was on another slab in Rio de Janeiro”.

“The dry themes of ‘economês’ are not easy to understand by any of us. That’s all I said. It does nothing to undo my deep respect for popular wisdom, where I was educated. My school is in the interior of the semi-arid region of the Northeast. I studied most of my life in public school. I come from there, nobody teaches me what the Brazilian people have. The rest is pure hypocrisy.”

Visit after controversial talk about favelas

Ciro’s visit to the Aglomerado da Serra took place days after a statement made by the pedestrian at a meeting with businessmen at the Federation of Industries of Rio de Janeiro (Firjan). On Wednesday (31/8), the politician said he had held a “rally for prepared people”. “Imagine explaining this in the favela? It’s a heavy job”, he pointed out, referring to his government plan.

The episode was the subject of criticism even among pedetista voters. On Friday (09/02), during an event at the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) in São Paulo, the politician said that the negative repercussion is a “demagogic hypocrisy”.

Agenda in Minas

Alongside his deputy, Ana Paula Matos, and his wife, Giselle Bezerra, Ciro Gomes fulfilled his campaign agenda in Minas this Saturday. During a walk in the Eldorado neighborhood, in Contagem, in Greater BH, the presidential candidate again defended himself against controversial speeches.

“We have a proposal that ends the slaveholding exploitation of the Brazilian consumer, with the ‘anti-greed’ law. The ‘system’ and the ‘banqueirada’ decided to go up, create intrigue and gossip, dividing us”.

In addition to the episode involving the favelas, on Monday (29/8), the pedestrian’s profile on Twitter spread a message that said that Lula is “weak physically and psychologically” to face the right. The post was deleted the same day.

On the occasion, the candidate minimized the repercussion of the two facts. “Anything you want to invent with me doesn’t count. I’m here to help the Brazilian people to help them find a way out of their social and economic disaster.

Focus on helping indebted

In both Contagem and BH, Ciro focused on the objective of facilitating the payment of debts by Brazilians. If elected, the presidential candidate promised to intervene in Caixa Econômica Federal and Banco do Brasil to grant credit to the population with overdue debts, in addition to abatement of up to 90% of interest.

The pedestrian also criticized the high rates of banks, which, according to him, can reach 1,000% per year, and the Student Financing (FIES) model implemented in Brazil in 1999.

“The government took R$ 43 billion and lent it to students to pay for private colleges. The money came out of the government’s safe, passed into the pocket of the businessman and left millions in debt”.


In the survey released by Datafolha on Thursday (1/9), Ciro Gomes accounted for 9% of voting intentions. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) appeared in the lead, with 45%, while the current president, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), computed 32%.

Datafolha heard 5,734 voters in 285 municipalities between August 30 and September 1. The survey is registered with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) under number BR-00433/2022.

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