Siblings announce they are dating and this was the statement made; “We plan to marry and adopt”

A publication made on August 30, on Twitter, generated repercussion and debate among internet users after the young Yulia announce that he has a romantic relationship with his sister.

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?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">August 30, 2022 social network user wrote: “Incest? At this point we no longer care what people have to say, it’s consensual and we’re two adults. […] After keeping our affections under wraps so much (mostly from our family) we finally decided to make it official. YES, I am dating my SISTER”said.

Yulia also added that she sees her sister as a woman, “although they both grew up together”. “There’s nothing better than lovingly loving someone you know so well and feel so close to, someone who in addition to being your love partner is also of the same blood as you!”he said.

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During his account, the Twitter user said that both are planning to get married and “after all, we love and desire each other”, finished.

See the post that reverberated on the social network below. (If you can’t see it, don’t worry and just access the


The report quickly went viral and received several comments from netizens. Below are some of the shared responses.

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