GDF candidates present proposals for job creation

GDF candidates present proposals for job creation
GDF candidates present proposals for job creation

posted on 04/09/2022 06:00 / updated 04/09/2022 07:11

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28 days before the first round of the 2022 elections, candidates for Palácio do Buriti detailed to the Mail the proposals of government plans to promote the generation of jobs in the Federal District. The country’s capital has 15.7% of people who are part of the sad statistic of unemployment, which represents 260 thousand people from Brasilia, according to the latest Employment and Unemployment Survey (PED), for July, carried out by the Institute of Research and Statistics. of the DF.

To open up new jobs, economics professor at the University of Brasília (UnB) Carlos Alberto Ramos suggests focusing on economic growth, without which there is no job creation. “It is necessary to have strategies for high-tech and specialized companies to come to the DF, with investments and articulation to employ high-quality human resources. We need to create a favorable environment for these companies and attract groups that also produce research, such as cutting-edge medicine “, exemplifies the expert. Brasília has 249,000 self-employed workers, according to the July PED.


In search of reelection, Governor Ibaneis Rocha (MDB) establishes the maintenance of the Qualifica DF program, which offers professional qualification courses for residents of the DF over 16 years of age in the areas of agribusiness, commerce, health, services and industry.

The local chief executive intends to focus on the business environment of the country’s capital. “(I will) continue with investments in infrastructure and advance along with the productive sector in the business agenda, giving conditions to companies from the Federal District and other states that want to settle here. (I will) continue in the same vein that made us reduce the unemployment in the Federal District at the lowest level in the last six years”, promised Ibaneis.

In a plan with 55 goals for the DF, businessman Paulo Octávio (PSD) intends to generate more than 100 thousand jobs in the private sector and reduce the unemployment rate to the lowest level in the historical series. The candidate points out that unemployment generates violence, social and family breakdown, as well as lack of health and food. “We have to be sensitive to small, medium and large businessmen in order to show the population that if everyone helps, we can solve the social issue”, he guarantees.

Paulo Octávio proposes to resume the DF Incentive Program to compete with other countries, states and municipalities, for attracting investments from companies and technologies. “Jobs are generated first when the entire civil society of a city understands the risk of having a huge number of people unemployed. Even with the assistance that the government gives, many people are going hungry”, he argues.

PV candidate, Leandro Grass, from the PV-PT-PCdoB federation, intends to reduce the bureaucracy of granting licenses and authorizations to secure credits and generate jobs in the city and in the countryside. The district deputy wants to create the New Economy, based on a microcredit fund “for entrepreneurs and small rural producers. For that, we are designing with the Bank of Brasília (BRB) and a possibility for Terracap to subsidize this proposal”, he says.

Social protection measures are other initiatives by Grass, who wants to implement public policies on work and income for vulnerable people. “It is about prioritizing protection and social assistance policies related to the promotion of objective conditions and incentives for the qualification of families in poverty, with special attention to the expansion of women’s economic participation”, she details.

Leila Barros (PDT) will focus on the young population. One of the pillars of the candidate’s proposals for job creation is the creation of a program to support the first occupation, also encompassing the insertion of people over 50 in the job market. “Instead of waiver of revenue, this modality includes the transfer of financial resources to public and private companies. The idea is for the government to subsidize the social security of these employees, which would reduce the cost of these groups for the employer”, explains the senator. “To implement the proposal, we need to send a bill to the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District”, completes Leila.

The PDT candidate for Buriti wants to facilitate the business environment in the DF, through a tax reform, to be presented in the first year of her term. “We want to simplify the installation of companies. Tax issues weigh heavily on the pocket and make life difficult for entrepreneurs. It is a real fiscal war”, criticizes Leila.

tourism and education

In a plan of 45 goals for the four-year term, Senator Izalci Lucas (PSDB), from the PSDB-Cidadania and PRTB federation, outlines some proposals for job creation. One of them is Cidade Viva, which will cover all regions of the Federal District. The politician believes that tourists who come to the country’s capital find almost everything closed at night. “We have to make Brasília alive with rural, civic and religious tourism, because the city has the capacity to host major events. We have the public for that”, he reinforces.

In order to encourage the job market from the base, Izalci will propose the Young Entrepreneurs Program, with the idea of ​​promoting the BRB. The stipulated amount will be compatible with each one’s proposal for the initial credit. “All that Brasília needs is to encourage entrepreneurs and provide conditions for people to create their own businesses”, assures the candidate.

Candidate Keka Bagno (PSol), from the PSol-Rede federation, bets on the relationship between education and work. It proposes to promote cooperativism and associativism in secondary and vocational education and intends to integrate mental health care into the economic project.

The guardianship counselor argues that the creative and solidarity economy has value for growth. The candidate for Buriti wants to include people who attend psychosocial care centers (Caps) in job opportunities. “With our permanent basic income proposal, people will be integrated into training courses.”

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