Binance hires Henrique Meirelles, former president of the Central Bank of Brazil

Binance hires Henrique Meirelles, former president of the Central Bank of Brazil
Binance hires Henrique Meirelles, former president of the Central Bank of Brazil

Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is hiring former president of the Central Bank of Brazil, Henrique Meirelles. Meirelles, who was also Minister of Finance, joins Binance’s team of advisors, as reported by the portal O Globo.

as a counselor, The exact role that Meirelles will play at the exchange has not yet been announced.

Meirelles has actively followed the cryptocurrency market since at least 2017, when, as president of the Central Bank of Brazil, he participated in the first discussions on cryptocurrencies within the G20.

At the time of the G20, Meirelles gave an interview to CriptoFácil in which he stated that regulation for cryptocurrencies was a natural path and that there are different positions on the subjectbut all converge on the need to regulate the sector.

“Regulation and taxation of the market are a natural path. However, there are divergent positions on the subject, whether in countries that have startups in the sector, or in those where the use is more widespread”, he said.

However, Meireles highlighted that the lack of regulation did not prevent Brazil and the country’s companies from developing products and new forms of economic interaction through cryptocurrencies.

“In Brazil, the lack of regulation did not prevent advances in this area, after all, the fact that there is no defined regulation does not mean that this is prohibited. At the moment, there is no type of targeting or limitation for the prohibition of cryptocurrencies in Brazil” , he said.


Binance Charity and Women in Tech recently announced a leading global partnership to offer blockchain courses to 2,800 women from vulnerable communities in Brazil and several countries in Africa.

Binance Charity is donating $250,000 in BUSD for a six-month pilot project that will empower women with the knowledge and skills to develop into the future of Web3. The first courses take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Cape Town, South Africa, starting in October this year.

“Binance believes that the future of cryptocurrencies should be built by everyone, not just a few. That’s why we’re creating certified courses and removing financial barriers for women to study and practice, especially those from vulnerable communities. It’s important to us at Binance and Women in Tech that quality blockchain education, innovation and research opportunities are available to everyone,” said Helen Hai, vice president of Binance and leader of Binance Charity.

The courses will be offered in classes for 25 young women between 15 and 25 years old, by qualified teachers in person, online or hybrid. Web3 courses will be structured by Binance Academy and adapted to suit the local context.

The pilot program in Brazil begins in Morro dos Prazeres (Rio de Janeiro) and the first round will have 50 women. Over the next five months, another 300 women will be enrolled in the program across the country. The South African pilot starts in Cape Town at the Philippi Village Tech Hub in Philipp Township for another 50 women.

Over the six months, other programs will be implemented in Zambia, Nigeria, Senegal, Morocco, Burundi, Kenya, Ghana and Ivory Coast.


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