Sibling couple admit incest and make explosive statement

Brothers shocked millions of people by admitting incest on social network

A couple of brothers is being one of the most talked about topics today, that’s because they assumed incest, that is, they are having sex even though they are members of the same family. The revelation took place last August 30 on twitter and since then has divided opinions.

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On the social network, the user known as Yulia said he doesn’t care about the criticism and guaranteed that the exchange of affection “is consensual” and both are adults: “After keeping our affections hidden so much (especially from our family) we finally decided to make it official. this,” wrote the young man. In the tweet, the boy clarified that although they grew up together, he always saw his sister as a woman.

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“There’s nothing better than lovingly loving someone you know so well and feel so intimately about. We share this feeling and are very happy about it, we plan to get married and adopt children. After all, we love and desire each other.” The publication received numerous comments, mostly negative, claiming that the relationship between brother and sister is a sin.

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It is worth noting that this practice is a crime in Brazil and the Civil Code prohibits civil unions between close relatives by blood or affinity. If the relationship happens with minors under 14, it can be classified as rape of vulnerable, since the minor would still not have an understanding of the case.

Brothers divided opinions by revealing that they are in a loving relationship (Photo: reproduction)

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