Get to know TV Inova SC, Sebrae’s special channel for Santa Catarina entrepreneurs

Get to know TV Inova SC, Sebrae’s special channel for Santa Catarina entrepreneurs
Get to know TV Inova SC, Sebrae’s special channel for Santa Catarina entrepreneurs

Sebrae/SC has just made available on NDTV, a novelty for entrepreneurs in the state of Santa Catarina who want to learn, train and develop themselves more and more: the TV channel Inova SC.

The main objective is to produce quality content to bring information to viewers on the most diverse topics related to the business universe, such as management, innovation and entrepreneurship. With programs that talk about economics, acceleration and technology, TV Inova SC offers tips both for entrepreneurs who are starting their business and for those who have been in the market for a long time.

Keep reading this article and learn more about TV and how to access the materials!

Learn more about the TV channel Inova SC

TV Inova SC started to be broadcast officially on June 18, 2022. These are incredible programs to dive headfirst into entrepreneurship and make a difference in the sector. An excellent opportunity to stay up to date on everything!

For those who couldn’t watch it live or don’t have the availability to follow the schedule, you can check out all the episodes on the YouTube channel and find out about everything that has been produced.

Discover some of the TV Inova SC programs

Sebrae Santa Catarina has several important programs on the channel:

Business and Debate: is an interview program that addresses aspects of productivity, training, human resources, inspiration and core business. On the agenda are business, solutions and entrepreneurial journeys in an informative conversation between the presenter and a businessman, Sebrae/SC specialist, or external specialist on the subject.

Radar Sebrae: shows reports that offer a broad view of economics, finance, entrepreneurship, among others. In a program entirely filmed outdoors, the reporter interacts with the interviewee and with the respective subjects. The program brings material representing the successful cases of businesses in Santa Catarina and can be thematic, bringing together three reports on the same subject and reports on different topics.

Small Notables: The program shows the social strength of micro and small companies, humanizing the entrepreneur and his achievements, which add value to businesses and brands in Santa Catarina. An external report at the opening of the program sets the tone for the studio conversation with one or more businessmen, Sebrae/SC specialists or external experts on the subject.

News e Negócios: modular block that aggregates brief information about the Santa Catarina business universe, relating to the activities of Sebrae/SC in the state.

Undertake: a program of reports and interviews that shows the business universe of young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who set up their businesses in maturity. Two distinct experiences and with many stories that should serve as a reference for other entrepreneurs. It talks about all categories of companies: MEI, Micro and Small Enterprises.

Our Economy Program: presents the industry, commerce, services and agro with their unfoldings and subjects. Sebrae/SC’s comprehensive sector macros and subjects and their consequences are discussed.

Innovate: interviews with an overview of how businesses in Santa Catarina underwent this transformation, of digital natives and how the work of Sebrae/SC influences the creation of these new business ecosystems.

Entrepreneurial Cities: studio program focused on territorial development and the business environment and how the entrepreneurial culture impacts on local transformation through the implementation of development policies in strategic axes focused on the future of cities.

Sell ​​More: studio program focused on themes to leverage sales and expansion of companies in the market. The search for new partners, suppliers and the conquest of new customers in other markets.

Speaking of Business (round table): entrepreneurs and experts from Sebrae/SC gathered in a debate on: businesses, sectors, models, systems, challenges and solutions. Nothing is off the agenda at this roundtable that addresses all of today’s biggest challenges.

Sebrae Delas: program that values ​​the acceleration of female entrepreneurship with the objective of increasing the probability of success of ideas and businesses led by women.

Sebrae 360: interview program and studio dedicated to the Sebrae/SC Observatory, which brings new ideas and paths to projects in Santa Catarina. Here market trends, studies, projects, important information with relevance to influence the business scenario are shown.

How to tune the TV Inova SC

TV Inova SC is present in seven cities in Santa Catarina, each with its own channel:

? Florianopolis: 4.4

? Itajai: 10.4

? Chapeco: 10.4

? Xanxerê: 3.4

? Joinville: 8.4

? Blumenau: 9.4

? Criciúma: 25.4

To tune the TV is easy, fast and simple:

Connect your analog TV to a digital converter box, then connect the digital converter to your antenna. Ready! Just tune in to TV Inova SC.

If your TV already has a built-in digital converter, that’s even better! That way, you just have to tune automatically to connect to the TV Inova SC and enjoy the best programming to boost your business!

Did you like the news? Follow the schedule weekly and stay on top of all the materials to come! You can always more!

Soon the channel will reach other cities and help entrepreneurs from all over the region.

Source: SEBRAE

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