Will the BRL 600 Brazil Aid reach the END in 2023?

O Brazil aid has gone through some changes recently. Through the PEC das Bondades, the value of the benefit was increased by R$ 200, from R$ 400 to R$ 600. In addition, the list of beneficiaries was also expanded, including about 4 million families in the benefit.

However, the change in value was carried out with an expiration date. O Brazil aid will be paid in the amount of R$ 600 until December, according to the proposal.

Will the R$600 Aid Brazil end in 2023?

According to information from the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, for Auxílio Brasil to be paid at the current value of R$600, it would be necessary to carry out and approve a new Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (PEC).

However, the president is enthusiastic about the permanence of the benefit amount in 2023. According to Bolsonaro, a new PEC can be prepared and will depend on the approval of the National Congress.

Will the payment of Auxílio Brasil be paid in advance in September?

The Federal Government did not announce official information regarding the anticipation of the deposits of the 9th installment of the Brazil aid, until the moment. However, the Minister of Citizenship, Ronaldo Bento, said that there are great chances that the next installments of aid will be advanced.

According to the minister, the change in the schedule is an improvement in the payment process. In this sense, Bento also highlighted the CadUnique as an initiative to modernize this process.

“This improvement process, as well as the generation of the monthly payroll in a faster way, allowed us to make a payment in the first half of the month”, explained the minister about the anticipation of Auxílio Brasil in August.

“And this is our purpose, that we continue to make this payment to the beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil and Auxílio Gás in the first fortnight of the months following the month of August”, added the minister about the other benefit payment schedules.

Current Auxílio Brasil calendar – September

  • NIS ending in 1 – Received on September 19;
  • NIS ending in 2 – Receives September 20th;
  • NIS ending in 3 – Receives September 21st;
  • NIS ending in 4 – Receives on September 22;
  • NIS ending in 5 – Receives September 23;
  • NIS ending on 6 – Receives on September 26;
  • NIS ending on 7 – Receives on September 27;
  • NIS ending on 8 – Receives on September 28;
  • NIS ending on 9 – Receives on September 29;
  • NIS ending in 0 – Received on September 30th.

Who can receive?

There are three possibilities for receiving the Brazil aid:

  • If you already had Bolsa Família: Auxílio Brasil will be paid automatically;
  • If you are on CadÚnico, but did not receive Bolsa Família: go to the reserve list;
  • If you are not on CadÚnico: you must seek a CRAS for registration, without guarantee of receiving.

The benefit is intended for families in extreme poverty. Families in poverty can also receive, as long as they have, among their members, pregnant women or people under the age of 21.

In short, families in extreme poverty are those with a monthly per capita family income of up to R$105. Those in poverty have a monthly per capita family income between R$105.01 and R$210.

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