Accident between car and bus kills two people on ES 257, in Aracruz

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Among the victims is a 33-year-old nursing technician. The bodies were sent to the Linhares SML

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Posted on 9/4/2022 at 9:29 am

Two people died and five were injured in an accident on ES 257, on Saturday night (3), in Aracruz, northern region of Espírito Santo. The collision involved a car and a bus, at the height of Barra do Sahy.

According to the Military Police bulletin, the bus driver was traveling from Coqueiral to Aracruz, at the junction of the ES 010 and ES 257 highways, when the Fiat Siena lost control, rolled on the lane and hit the front of the bus. The bus driver, 61, was not injured and underwent a breathalyzer test, which was negative.

According to the PM, one of the victims who died at the scene was the nursing technician Débora Rocha Santana, 33 years old. The man who ran the Siena was identified as Marcos Nascimento Deboner. His age was not disclosed. The bodies were sent to the Legal Medical Service (SML) of Linhares.

The car the victims were in was completely destroyed. Credit: Reader | the Gazette

According to the Fire Department, which also attended the event, five passengers on the bus were injured and were rescued by rescue teams from Samu/192.

The Civil Police reported that the bus driver was taken to the Aracruz Regional Police Station and later released. “He was heard and released as provided for in the Brazilian Traffic Code, since he remained at the scene of the accident and there was no evidence of committing a crime that would justify arrest in flagrante delicto. (Dipo) from Aracruz”, he concluded.

The report tries to contact the company responsible for the bus.

Bus and car involved in accident with deaths in Aracruz. Credit: Reader | the Gazette

(With information from Matheus Passos, from TV Gazeta Sul)

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