Paranaense suspected of killing wife and daughter in Japan is in Brazil

Photo: Osaka Police Department

The man from Paraná suspected of killing his wife and daughter in Japan is in Brazil and will soon report to the police, according to his lawyers. He denies having committed the crime. Anderson Robson Barbosa, 33, is named by Japanese police as the author of the murder of Japanese Aramaki Manami, 29, and her daughter, Lily, 3. The two were found dead in their apartment in Osaka, with signs of stabbing, on August 24th.

According to a note from lawyers Hélio de Matos Venâncio and Matias Soares Furlanetto to the press, Anderson says he found their bodies in the apartment after returning from work and fled the country out of fear. “Until he is prosecuted and tried, Mr. Anderson is, for all legal purposes, presumed innocent,” the statement reads.

The lawyers also criticized reports in the press that generate a “vexatious situation for him and his family, in addition to generating a very serious public commotion that has been causing severe damage”. According to them, Anderson’s family is being persecuted.

Anderson was born in Londrina, in the north of Paraná, and lived in Japan. According to the Japanese press, the Brazilians would have asked for a two-week leave of absence from work days before the death of his wife and daughter.

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