Police investigate case of aggression by resident against manager of luxury condominium in Barra | Rio de Janeiro

Police investigate case of aggression by resident against manager of luxury condominium in Barra | Rio de Janeiro
Police investigate case of aggression by resident against manager of luxury condominium in Barra | Rio de Janeiro

Man slaps the face of a syndica in a condominium in Barra da Tijuca – Video reproduction

Man slaps landlady in the face of condominium in Barra da Tijucavideo playback

Published 09/03/2022 12:42 | Updated 09/03/2022 15:18

Rio – The Civil Police investigate the case of a man’s aggression against the manager of a luxury condominium in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio. The attacker’s attack on the victim, identified as Dayse de Souza Ribeiro, 56, was caught by a security camera. The case happened last Tuesday (30).

Owner of a property in the condominium, the accused is Amadeu Ribeiro de Souza Neto, who appears in the image of the security camera hitting a hard slap in the face of Dayse. The aggression takes place inside the gym of one of the blocks of the luxury condominium. In the record, it is possible to see that the victim is thrown to the ground with the force of the blow delivered by the aggressor. She was fiddling with her cell phone, sitting in a chair, when she was slapped.

Dayse Ribeiro, 56, was slapped in the face by a resident of the condominium where she works as a manager, in Barra da TijucaPersonal archive

According to the victim’s account, the aggression would have been motivated by a ban on the use of the gym, which was undergoing painting at that time. The repair would have been notified to all residents of the condominium, but the accused insisted on using the space.

Before the aggression, the resident would have refused to leave the space, which had remained closed throughout the day for repairs. With the stay, the syndica would have turned off the lights of the place and insisted that he leave. In the sequence, he leaves the place, but comes back and hits Dayse with a slap. The blow even causes the liquidator to cut her lip.

“The case was registered as a personal injury, so we are going to ask the criminal judge for a protective measure against the aggressor. In the civil part, the condominium owners, who already had an assembly scheduled for the day after the aggression, voted and decided to expel this resident. We are going to file a lawsuit asking for his expulsion for being antisocial, for posing a risk to other people,” said the victim’s lawyer, Daniel Blank.

“After what happened, the manager called 190 and, when the car arrived, the aggressor had already fled the scene, thus avoiding the act”, explained the lawyer.

Also according to him, a possible expulsion of the resident of the condominium does not remove the property from it, but prevents him from residing there. Before last Tuesday’s attack, the resident’s behavior had already been the subject of three incidents by the syndicate, who would have heard several cursing from Amadeu. The act that, according to the victim’s defense, constitutes a “crime against honor”.

The case was registered at the 16th DP (Barra da Tijuca), which seeks witnesses to be heard and takes steps to solve the case.

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