Navy ship rescues Algerians adrift in Spain

Six people between 25 and 50 years of age, who were in a small boat, were rescued by the training ship (NE) Brasil of the Brazilian Navy (MB), about 83 km away, 45 nautical miles, from Cape Palos, Spain. The distress call was made last night (2) to the ship’s crew, who, according to the Navy, spotted the rigid-hulled vessel and outboard motor, while sailing between Civitavecchia, Italy, and Lisbon, Portugal.

According to the Navy, the six, who declared themselves Algerians, were in good health, as confirmed by the ship’s medical team. “Furthermore, there were no indications that they had been at sea for a long time,” said Ship’s Commander, Sea and War Captain Ricardo Araújo.

Brazilian sailors are on a Marine Guard Instruction trip. Shortly after the distress call, the Brazilian ship approached to check the condition of the Algerians and provide initial support, offering water, food and life jackets to everyone. A speedboat headed towards the six, who wanted to enter Spain when they were adrift.

“This is how the Brazilian Navy called the Spanish maritime authorities, responsible for the search and rescue service in that area. Until their arrival, the Brazilian ship and its speedboat remained alongside the vessel, to ensure safety and basic care for foreigners,” said the Navy.

According to the commander, it was already dark, the wind was strong, and the forecast indicated an even greater degradation of the atmospheric conditions in the following hours, which in fact occurred, but, even so, the small vessel was spotted with the request for aid.

“We provided all the necessary support and kept the crew members safe until the arrival of the Spanish aircraft that completed the rescue. The feeling is of accomplishment. My crew reacted promptly and we could not avoid providing aid to human life in danger at sea,” he said.


The Navy also reported that until the beginning of August of this year, it had accounted for more than 140 maritime search and rescue actions and the rescue with the lives of 292 people, only in national territory.

Data from the Navy Search and Rescue Service, or Salvamar Brasil, as he is known, indicate a total of 1,277 incidents in the last three years, which represents an average of one request per day. “Rescue operations take place for various reasons, from damage to the vessels to health problems of the crew”, he concluded.

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