Fugitive for rape in Roraima is arrested in Manaus

The fugitive from justice in Roraima José Flávio Barbosa, 59, was arrested in Manaus, Amazonas. He has been wanted for more than 10 years for the crimes of rape of a vulnerable person and misrepresentation. In addition, he had three Arrest Warrants. The arrest was made last Wednesday, 31, but was only released on Saturday morning, 3, by the police.

Moment when José is taken to the police car (Photo: Reproduction)


The crimes committed by José Flávio took place in 2009, 2010 and 2011, and he had been on the run ever since. The fugitive was arrested in compliance with the condemnatory sentences, issued by the Court of Justice of Roraima, with more than 30 years of sentence.


At the time of arrest, José Flávio presented false documents and was also charged with fraudulent misrepresentation. After the formalization of the act and compliance with the three existing warrants, he was forwarded to the Amazonas Penitentiary System where he will await the decision of justice as to a possible return to the state of Roraima.

“Dicap had been trying to catch the criminal for a long time. After discovering that José Flávio was living in Manaus, Dicap requested support from DEHS, which carried out several steps to locate the criminal, the exchange of information between the teams was fundamental for his arrest”, said Dicap.

The arrest was a joint action between the Civil Police of Amazonas, through the Specialized Homicide and Kidnapping Police Station (DEHS), and the Secretariat of Justice and Citizenship (SEJUC) through the Special Advisory and Intelligence and Capture Division (DICAP) of Roraima. . The action was coordinated by delegate Deborah Barreiros, deputy of DEHS.

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