One hundred years of radio in Brazil: the challenges of educational-cultural radio

Radio is a long-range mass communication medium with much more modest production costs compared to other media.

For this reason alone, its permanent application as a complementary tool to educational and cultural training would already be amply justified. But there are still many other arguments…

In addition to being a means of transmission and communication, radio provides the extension and enrichment of the human experience through the sense of hearing. And it even reaches populations without much intimacy with literate culture.

Learning and teaching through listening, fictional narratives, experience reports, musical listening or even artistic experimentation, with a combination of sounds, silences and the spoken word is “educating audio”.

This seems to be an irrevocable destiny of radio in Brazil since the foundation of Rádio Sociedade by Roquette Pinto.

The arrival of the internet allowed the transmission of sound, live or recorded, to any part of the world, without the need for state authorization. It also made it possible to explore new audiences and to resume or innovate radio formats.

Despite offering tools and possibilities that make it potentially more interactive and democratic, the internet is still not accessible to all inhabitants of the globe. And where it doesn’t reach, there’s the radio, for over a hundred years.

With research to guide the adequacy of content to its most diverse audiences, decentralized management and independent of commercial or political moods and trained professionals, the radio will still give a lot to listen to…

One hundred years in 100 programs

100 years radio in Brazil

100 years radio in Brazil

100 years radio in Brazil – EBC art

Until the 7th of September, the Radio MEC will produce and broadcast, daily, interprograms with interviews and collection research on various historical aspects related to the vehicle.

The idea is to rescue outstanding personalities, programs and broadcasters present in the affective memory of listeners. follow on radio agency.

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