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Named as Mbappé’s affair, trans model Ines Rau spent the last month in Brazilian lands. In the Amazon, more precisely in Acre. She lived for a few days with the Indians of the Huni Kuin Village Igarapé Do Caucho, last August. The information was given by the Extra newspaper.

Mbappé became the favorite character of the French media. And not just sports. The newest news about the attacker comes from the gossip websites. The Paris Saint-Germain shirt 7 would be in a romantic relationship with Ines Rau, a 32-year-old international model who, in November 2017, became the first trans woman to pose for the main shoot of Playboy magazine.

Ines shared some of her experience in the village with photos and videos of the Indians and their daily lives in the forest. She spent nearly a month on indigenous lands during a reforestation program offered by the Association Jiboiana, an NGO that fights for the preservation of the Indians and the Amazon.

“Dear community of lovers! Before to talk more about the reforestation and well drilling program for which I have been in Brazil for almost 3 weeks in the Amazon rainforest, in sacred lands of Huni Kuin. I would like to take this important day, the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, Guardians of Mother Earth, to honor them. This encounter with the Huni Kuin tribe is already turning my life upside down”, she reported, three weeks after arriving in Brazil. “Living with them, learning from them, being able to share the sacred medicine of Ayahuasca with them in the Mother Forest allowed me to achieve the greatest spiritual transformation beyond what I could even imagine… We have so much to learn from their simplicity, connection with nature, his power and great spiritual wisdom. Living in the forest with the Huni Kuin is opening my heart, expanding my soul and raising my frequency to a scale that words cannot describe. there is no coincidence, the timing of the Universe is perfect and I am humbly grateful for this wonderful gift and the strength I am receiving from this immense transformation. It’s just the beginning of a beautiful love story with these magical beings and with Mother Forest. I promise myself that I will raise their voices and fight for them to preserve their lands and the Amazon rainforest as much as I can.”

Ines says that she almost didn’t take photos or videos and justified it. “I am living the present moment to the fullest and I needed a break from the devices, but I will do more, as I am here to volunteer for a few more weeks, also without internet in the forest, I went by boat for two hours to the nearest village with a little low connection just to make this publication and share a little magic with you”, said she, who appears connected to the locals, where she fished, cooked, meditated, planted and stayed away from the tititi that formed in the international press, since that his name has been linked to PSG star Mbapeé.

Mbappé and Rau were seen together publicly for the first time in May during the Cannes Film Festival. Subsequently, they were photographed by paparazzi on the player’s yacht in scenes that show them quite at ease. In one of the clicks, the attacker carries the model in his lap.

So far, neither of them has commented on the news, which has fueled further speculation. Specifically, only that they are friends but don’t follow each other on social media.

If confirmed, Mbappé will become the first football star to date a transgender woman. Rau is also born in France. Daughter of Algerian parents, she underwent transition surgery at age 16. But she didn’t openly talk about it until she was 24, when she first appeared in Playboy.

I’ve never shared such a vulnerable part of myself. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned on this journey, it’s how being vulnerable leads to humility. And humility is the final key to absolutely everything… There is indeed a before and after of the Amazon Rainforest. I want everyone to experience this once in their lifetime. I feel like my soul has expanded, my heart is fuller and bigger than ever and I have never felt so complete, happy, aligned and centered in my entire life. Ready to spread the light even brighter than before to all the humans who cross my path”, said Ines, in her farewell to the journey in Acre.

Source: Extra

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