The strength of the Amazon in the Jaguar campaign

The strength of the Amazon in the Jaguar campaign
The strength of the Amazon in the Jaguar campaign

Amidst the aftermath of the access gained last weekend, where Amazonas beat Portuguesa-RJ in front of a crowded stadium, the Amazon club presented a cohesive but very eclectic team throughout the competition.

A multifactorial team with good variables in the squad, it presented elements that were decisive in important duels and that delighted fans across the country.

Among the factors that draw attention in the aurinegra trajectory, in addition to the best campaign and the best attack, is the number of athletes born in the state of Amazonas who defend the team throughout this edition of the D Series.

With 26 players in the squad, five athletes are from the Amazon, they are: Adriano (Canutama), Cortez (Careiro), Delciney (Manaus), Judah (Manacapuru) and Miliano (Anamã). Being the last three fundamental pieces in the campaign that elevated the club from division.

Although it seems like a small number, these athletes stayed at the club after a complete overhaul of the squad that is now multi-regional. From the coach to the goalkeeper, there is at least one player from each region in the squad.

However, among baré athletes, the entire state ends up being represented, since the players arrived at the club even if they were from different cities, covering the capital and countryside. Which is quite symbolic, as the club bears the name of the state.

Holders of access, Miliano and Judah talked about the experience of having such an important achievement in their CV with a club that bears the name of the state in which they were born.

“It represents a lot, for being an Amazonian it is a moment that I will never forget, making history for this Amazon, for me there is no explanation”, said the Miliano wing succinctly.

Midfielder Judah spoke about the experience and especially for him, the trajectory is even more important. This is because the midfielder had the intention of quitting football. In a publication on his social networks, the player reported that he would dedicate himself to the contest of the Military Police of the state of Amazonas, which would put an end to his career.

A little over a year after the decision, the steering wheel recalls the episode and dreams in football. Since then, the athlete has resumed his career with the Manacapuru Worker and soon after he hit it off with the Jaguar. And with the world spinning like a soccer ball, he won access by both teams, with Sapão da Terra Preta for the state and with Amazonas.

“It’s something that only I know what I’m experiencing. A year ago I had given up football, I had already sat down to talk to my family that I no longer wanted. And like it or not, for the Amazonian player it is complicated here in the state”, he explained.

Judah stressed that he believes that after the access last Sunday, the leaders will trust more and value the talents of the land. “I’m grateful and I’m living proof that football runs very fast, last year I had dropped out and went to play in Série B of Amazonense at Operário with boots borrowed from my friends, and now I’m in Série C, that for me is a dream that is coming true, it’s just a little bit of what I’m still going to accomplish” said Judah, he continued:

“Two accessions in practically a year, it’s a trajectory that is starting to become victorious, I’m just reaping everything I planted back there, only God knows what I’ve been through. And now it’s time to harvest more, who knows if God will crown us with that title (Series D)”.

About carrying the name of his state to a divisive fit, Judah said he felt a special flavor.

“It’s a different thing, I even posted it on instagram and said that going up with a team from another state is one thing. Now, going up with a team named after your state, which represents your land, is rewarding. So I am very grateful for that, for the opportunity that Amazonas has given me and grateful for showing my value”, he concluded.


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