7 facts about the Cathedral of Brasilia

7 facts about the Cathedral of Brasilia
7 facts about the Cathedral of Brasilia

One thing is for sure: regardless of your religion, Brasília Cathedral is a stunning and very special place to renew your faith.

One of Brasilia’s main postcards is not only an icon of Brasilia’s faith, it is also part of a history full of hope.

So, with that in mind, we at the blog list seven fun facts about this breathtaking monument. Check out:

7 facts about the Cathedral of Brasilia

1| The postcard is just the roof of the church

Many people are content to see Brasília Cathedral from the outside. But this is just the roof of the building. The church itself is on a level below, with a large, modern hall. Just access the discreet ramp that hides, to a certain extent, the interior of the monument.

2| Structure

The cathedral occupies a circular area of ​​70 m in diameter. The structure comprises 16 concrete columns, 42 m high and weighing 90 tons, with the architect’s trademark curves. Around the work there is a 40 cm deep water mirror that helps to cool and humidify the interior of the temple.

3| Construction

Brasília Cathedral features a series of works of art by Brazilian and international artists. Among them are Di Cavalcanti, Athos Bulcão and Alfredo Ceschiatti.

4| archangels

From the dome of the church, hang three angels suspended by steel cables. The cables are strategically placed so it looks like the angels actually float. The smallest is 100kg and the largest is 300kg. Sculpted by the Minas Gerais artist Alfredo Ceschiatti, the images symbolize three biblical archangels: Miguel, Gabriel and Rafael.

5| No column stands alone

The top of the Cathedral is formed by 16 boomerang-shaped concrete pillars. These columns are found around a compression ring fundamental to the support of the structure. It’s a trick used by Niemeyer, as none of the pillars can stand alone. However, when using the beam centrally, you have a firm structure.

6| bells

Bells have great symbolism in the Catholic religion. It’s a beautiful tradition of signaling God’s presence in the temple and inviting the faithful to prayer. As it could not be otherwise, the Cathedral of Brasília has a beautiful bell tower with 20 meters high, which was designed by Niemeyer.

7| listen through the walls

The acoustics inside the church arouse the curiosity of visitors. When speaking close to one of the curved walls of the Cathedral, it is possible to hear the sound at the other end, several meters away, if the other person is also close to the wall. It’s worth taking the test. Even if you speak softly, the person on the other end will hear you clearly, thanks to the resonance phenomenon, made possible by the symmetry of space.

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