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In an extensive agenda through the cities that make up the Juruá Valley throughout this week, the licensed president of the Federation of Industries of Acre (Fieac) and candidate for federal deputy, José Adriano, got to know several initiatives in the productive sector and presented the proposals prepared to leverage economic development for the region. The objective of the activity is to meet again the different supporters of the localities, who requested the meetings, and to expand the banner of employment and income.

In all, the candidate for the Federal Chamber toured the municipalities of Cruzeiro do Sul, Mâncio Lima, Marechal Thaumaturgo, Jordão, Porto Walter and Rodrigues Alves. In Marechal, for example, Adriano got to know a coffee production that carries out the entire making process, from planting to industrialization, of the product that focuses on the artisanal market. On the occasion, he recalled that it is necessary to strengthen, stimulate and integrate the entire productive sector so that new opportunities are generated.

“We had very productive and essential days to get to know the anxieties that afflict people who live in Juruá, including those who undertake in the most different sectors of the economy, and to think together about solutions that bring a new moment. This region is one of the richest in our state and has great potential to produce and generate wealth for our population. We need to take advantage of this to make the state strong, independent and protagonist”, declared Adriano.

In addition to rural producers, the candidate also spoke with traders and entrepreneurs from other sectors to learn about the ideas that thrive in the Juruá Valley, in addition to knowing the obstacles that prevent the opening of new businesses and the growth of existing ones. He, who also participated in ExpoJuruá, highlighted that only with a strong economy will it be possible to eliminate poverty in all of Acre, the lack of employment for the population and the high historical dependence that the local economy has on the State.

“Our proposal is clear: to work to give people opportunities to work, undertake, put food on the table and have a quality life through employment and income. I have said that giving new directions to our state is possible with simple but efficient formulas. We just need to be serious to dedicate ourselves to carrying out the necessary measures and seriousness to work day and night thinking about the well-being of our people. I have faith that our union will make this possible”, said Adriano.


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