Danton Mello says he stopped being an atheist after supernatural experience in an accident on Mount Roraima

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Danton Mello opened his heart about religion when describing his experience of having lived the protagonist of the film Predestinado: Arigó e o Espírito do Dr. Fritz, which premiered this Thursday (1st), in theaters.

According to the actor, the opportunity to play a medium in the film made him stop being an atheist. ‘I had a crying fit before page ten! I wondered why he came to me. I, who did not believe, did not have access to spirituality. I stopped being an atheist. Impossible to make a character like that and leave the same way,’ he said, in an interview with journalist Gabriela Medeiros, from the newspaper Extra.

Danton Mello still remembered when he suffered a serious air accident in 1998, and how the occasion made him live experiences that he considers supernatural. ‘I experienced this right after operating because of the accident. I told my doctor and he said it was impossible, that I was very weak. Years later, a spiritist friend told me that a spirit of light was on my side. I had that in my head for a long time,’ he said.

remember the accident

On September 14, 1998, Danton Mello fell from the helicopter while recording a report for Globo Ecologia, during an overflight over Mount Roraima. The actor and his team were found 30 hours after the accident by non-reclusive Indians from the Raposa Serra do Sol Indigenous Reserve.

He suffered severe internal bleeding and was hurriedly operated on, at risk of life, but recovered in the following weeks. At the time, the heartthrob was part of the cast of the soap opera Tower of Babel, and was withdrawn, but due to the popular appeal with his character, he ended up returning under the use of a wheelchair and crutches.

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