How the attack on Cristina Kirchner adds fuel to the fire of the Argentine political crisis | World

How the attack on Cristina Kirchner adds fuel to the fire of the Argentine political crisis | World
How the attack on Cristina Kirchner adds fuel to the fire of the Argentine political crisis | World
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The attack took place when the country followed, until a few days ago, the public criticism of the vice president against the direction of the government led by President Alberto Fernandez. Inflation, which this year should reach 90%, is among the biggest concerns of Argentines.

In addition, the attack was carried out just ten days after the Public Ministry asked for 12 years in prison for the former president for alleged irregularities during the time she ruled the country.

1 of 3 Editing Cristina Kirchner and protest in Buenos Aires — Photo: Reproduction

Editing Cristina Kirchner and protest in Buenos Aires — Photo: Reproduction

On Thursday, at first, after the shock that the news of the attack on Kirchner provoked among Argentines, the entire government and the opposition seemed to be on the same side, with speeches against “political violence” and “generalized repudiation”. to the failed assassination attempt on the vice president.

Soon after, on the same night, however, the atmosphere of unity gave way to a new barrage of criticism from both sides, between pro-government and opponents.

In a speech on national radio and television, President Alberto Fernández attributed to political sectors, the Justice and the press the delicate moment experienced by the country.

“We are obliged to recover the democratic coexistence that was broken with the hate speech spread by different political, judicial and media sectors of Argentine society”, said the president.

Fernández said that hate speech ends up generating violence. Immediately after his speech, the president of the opposition party, PRO, Patricia Bullrich, wrote on her social media that “the president is playing with fire”.

According to her, instead of investigating a serious case, Fernández preferred to “accuse the opposition and the press and declare a national holiday to mobilize militants”. “That’s unfortunate.”

2 of 3 Supporters of Cristina Kirchner protest in Buenos Aires after the attack on the vice president — Photo: Rodrigo Abd/AP

Supporters of Cristina Kirchner protest in Buenos Aires after the attack on the vice president – ​​Photo: Rodrigo Abd/AP

On Friday (2), the exchange of public barbs between the government and the opposition continued. Federal deputy Germán Martínez, leader of the Frente para la Vitoria (FPV) bench in the Chamber of Deputies, said that Fernando Sabag Montiel’s action with a pistol against Kirchner should serve as a reason for “reflection” by all political sectors.

“All political sectors have to reflect on what is happening. My own car was attacked three times. We have to reject with force what happened and start a different social coexistence. I appreciate all the support given to Cristina, including the opposition”, he said. Martínez.

3 of 3 Man is arrested after trying to murder Cristina Kirchner in Argentina – Photo: Reproduction/GloboNews

Man is arrested after trying to assassinate Cristina Kirchner in Argentina – Photo: Reproduction/GloboNews

Despite the differences in speeches between government and opposition politicians, a crowd filled the streets and avenues of downtown Buenos Aires and Plaza de Mayo, which is in front of Casa Rosada, the seat of the country’s Presidency.

Young people, adults, entire families said they were participating in the demonstration “in support of democracy” and “against violence”.

In the last eleven days, supporters of the vice president began to gather around the building where she lives, in the Recoleta neighborhood, since the Public Ministry asked that she be convicted of alleged cases of corruption during the period in which she was president of the country. .

Cristina can still appeal the decision that, according to experts, would be resolved by the Supreme Court of Justice. In long statements, in front of television cameras, last week, she denied the accusations and claimed to be the result of opposition persecution.

Argentines hold marches to show support for Cristina Kirchner

This environment occurs when inflation is the biggest concern of Argentines, according to political analysts. Listened to BBC News Brasil, analysts Marcos Novaro, a professor of Political Science at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and a commentator for the television station TN, said that the polarization should grow even more after Thursday’s episode.

“Society will try not to enter the circle of hatred and polarization. But, in the meantime, our perception is that the government leaders are, in a way, focused on the opposite, trying to use this to give Cristina more stability, to do more confrontation still against and in favor of Justice”, said Novaro.

For the analyst, the government intends to “shield” the former president from the real threats she suffered, when there were flaws in the security scheme at her home, and also from the sights of the Justice.

For analyst Jorge Giacobbe, the national broadcast carried out by the president ended up “triggering” the opposition’s reaction, when the path could have been the opportunity for dialogue in a moment of crisis. In his view, Argentines are being challenged, since the failed attempt, to be “mature” in the face of problems.

He suggested that this was not the time to add even more fuel to the fire. “Alberto Fernández should be calling the opposition to a broad and serious dialogue and not have decreed a holiday to support Cristina,” said former deputy and political scientist Julio Bárbaro.

Analyst Rosendo Fraga, from the Nova Maioria Studies Center, believes that the polarization will increase after the attack. “Kirchnerist groups and groups against Kirchnerism have already intensified their exchanges of aggression on social networks. And those who support her have again asked her to be a candidate for the presidency in 2023”, said Fraga.

At the same time, the government held a ministerial meeting early on Friday to analyze, according to government sources, the “gravity” of the Argentine moment and the concern with violence.

In his address to the nation, Alberto Fernández had condemned those he defined as stimulators of hate speech.

On Friday afternoon, the president and Cristina met for more than 40 minutes, analyzing, according to government sources, the current situation in the country, after the attack in which she was saved by the skin of her teeth, according to images recorded by her supporters and reproduced by television stations.

After the attack, the security system of the former president began to be questioned by specialists who saw flaws in her protection that allowed Fernando Andrés Sabag Montiel to stay a few centimeters from her and with a pistol in his hand.

According to two friends of Sabag Montiel, in statements to local TV stations, he would be a “lone wolf”. “It’s difficult to include him in the profile of those who hate Cristina Kirchner. He was lonely and often things to get attention. It doesn’t surprise me what happened”, one of them told a TV.

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