In new position, Eduardo Henrique announces State Sub-11 and Sub-13

In new position, Eduardo Henrique announces State Sub-11 and Sub-13
In new position, Eduardo Henrique announces State Sub-11 and Sub-13

Grêmio passes through Vila Nova, on Friday night (02.09), at the Arena.

The team struggled to maintain control over the opponent, but did enough to beat Goiás 2-1.

The result returned Tricolor to third place, with 47 points, six points ahead of Londrina, in fifth place.

This Saturday’s games, however, may change the position of the gauchos. Vasco, with 45 points, can regain the position if they beat Brusque. Londrina has the regional classic against Operário.

Renato Portaluppi, who is in Rio de Janeiro until next Monday, continued the team that came as a starter with the old coaching staff.

The only change in the team worked during the week was the entry of Edílson in place of Rodrigo Ferreira. The right-back did not participate in Thursday morning’s activity because he had a cold, but was chosen by Renato to start the match against Vila Nova.

The other planned changes were confirmed. Diogo Barbosa inherited Nicolas, who was injured. Bitello formed the midfielder duo with Villasanti, with Biel, Campaz and Guilherme as the trio to supply Diego Souza.

Grêmio took the opportunity to open the scoring. After 2 minutes, Biel scored the goal. Diogo Barbosa recovered the ball from the left side and made the cross in the area. In the hit and hit between Vila Nova defenders, the Grêmio forward was more attentive and applied a quick dribble.

Left-handed, shirt 17 completed to the back of the net. The team reproduced on the field the behavior desired by the fan, who reciprocated with applause and shouts of encouragement. The players ran and made a point of showing commitment to carts and strength in the tackles.

At 11, Alex Silva appeared by surprise in Grêmio’s area and almost tied the match. But the right-back was unable to play as a centre-forward. The header came out weak and without the direction of the goal. The visitors dominated the rest of the more dangerous actions, but they didn’t get to threaten Brenno.

Right on the way back to the second stage, Grêmio had its first exchange. Rodrigo Ferreira replaced Edílson. At 5, Brenno had to show resourcefulness with his feet. The goalkeeper left the area and had to make a cart to prevent Daniel Amorim from finishing. But then Renato’s star was once again present at the Arena. Thatian, who entered at 13, appeared in the area as if he were a forward and headed with no chance for Tony’s defense with only four minutes on the field. The goianos claimed a penalty at the origin of the play, the referee analyzed it in VAR and kept the Grêmio goal.

But after threatening for a good part of the match, Vila Nova knew how to create a clear goal situation in the 32nd minute. In a move by the left side of Grêmio’s defense, the Goiás found space they were looking for. In the first shot, Brenno made a great save on Dentinho’s kick. And on the rebound, Matheuzinho didn’t give Grêmio’s goalkeeper any chances: 2-1.

Lucas Leiva and Thiago Santos went to the game, hoping to maintain the advantage. With three defensive midfielders marking Vila Nova, Grêmio managed to control the unexpected pressure from their opponents. As of this Monday, Renato’s new journey really begins. The technician will be introduced and will have the first day of face-to-face work. It will be a week of training until the day of the restart, next Sunday (11), against Vasco, at the Arena.



GUILD: Brenno; Edílson (Rodrigo Ferreira, int.), Geromel, Bruno Alves and Diogo Barbosa; Villasanti, Bitello (Thiago Santos, 36’/2ºT), Biel (Thaciano, 13’/2ºT), Campaz (Lucas Leiva, 36’/2ºT) and Guilherme; Diego Souza (Elkeson, 43’/2nd). Technician: Cesar Lopes (interim)

NEW VILLAGE Tony; Alex Silva, Alisson Cassiano, Rafael Donato and Willian Formiga (Railan, 36’/2ºT); Sousa (Romário, 36’/2ºT), Jean Martim (Matheuzinho, 11’/2ºT) and Arthur Rezende; Dentinho, Daniel Amorim (Rubens, 36’/2nd) and Kaio Nunes (Hugo Cabral, 36’/2nd). Technician: Allan Aal

GOALS: Biel (G) at 2 minutes of the 1st half; Thaciano (G), at 17, and Matheuzinho at 32 minutes of the 2nd half.


ARBITRATION: Sávio Pereira Sampaio (Fifa), assisted by Daniel Henrique da Silva Andrade and Lehi Sousa Silva (DF trio). VAR: Cleriston Clay Barreto Rios (SE).

PUBLIC: 13,775 (12,381 paying)

INCOME: BRL 422,544.00

PLACE: Arena do Gremio

Source: Sports Agency

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