See weather and temperature forecast today

See weather and temperature forecast today
See weather and temperature forecast today

Praia Grande (SC) must have a rainy day today (03). According to Weather Agora data, the city has a forecast of temperatures between 11°C and 17°C and an 80% chance of rain this Saturday.

Temperatures throughout the day in Praia Grande

Saturday starts with 11°C during the night. In the afternoon, the thermometers should mark 17°C, reaching 14°C at night.


Praia Grande today has an 80% chance of rain throughout the day.


The relative humidity level for Praia Grande should alternate between 68% and 95%.


Praia Grande should register winds at an average speed of 16 km/h today, reaching the highest rate in the afternoon km/h, with a peak of 20 km/h.

sunrise and sunset

Praia Grande will have the sunrise today at 06:31. The sun sets at 6:06 pm.

Expected temperatures for the next week in Praia Grande

  • Sunday (4): 10°C to 17°C
  • Monday (5): 11°C to 19°C
  • Tuesday (6): 13°C to 18°C
  • Wednesday (7): 14°C to 20°C
  • Thursday (8): 15°C to 24°C
  • Friday (9): 14°C to 21°C
  • Saturday (10): 13°C to 22°C

The weather forecast is based on data collected by meteorologists. It may undergo variations throughout the day that deviate from the predicted models.

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