Census takers protest against late payment and violence

Complaints of violence and delay in payments led census takers of the 2022 Census to organize themselves in a movement that took to the streets this Thursday (1st), in several capitals, to demand better working conditions. In social networks, posts and images also called for a strike, but the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), responsible for the Census, says that data collection takes place normally this Friday.

The National Union of Workers in Federal Public Foundations of Geography and Statistics (Assibge) states that it did not participate in the convening of the acts carried out yesterday, but that it makes itself available to workers to hear the demands, organize assemblies and mediate the dialogue with the IBGE.

“They mobilized and created a national movement that is very networked, very flexible and does not have an institution that can officially speak for it. They are groups of census takers that, in a decentralized way, manifest themselves spontaneously”, said the director of the National Executive of Assibge, Elvis Vitoriano da Silva.

The union is still raising support for the strike, but reports that there were demonstrations at least in Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belém, Recife, João Pessoa and cities in the interior of São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul. In these demonstrations, census takers raised posters and banners and asked to take their claims to the IBGE, according to Assibge, which was at the protests to hear the demands. The institute, in turn, claims that its state superintendencies received the census takers and also listened to their complaints.

The union director points out that most of the complaints that reached Assibge are due to the flow of payments. Census takers are paid per production and part of this payment is only paid after the interviews are supervised. The reports are of problems and delay throughout this process.

“It has a little bit of everything: problems in processing payments, problems in the time it takes to carry out the work and go through supervision and there is also some residue of registration errors by census takers”.

On this point, the IBGE states that “more than 99% of the problems of late payment by census takers have already been resolved, since last week, and that new procedures in the payment routine were adopted, starting this week, to speed up the process “.

Another complaint reported by census takers is violence during fieldwork, according to Elvis Vitorino da Silva. The cases range from theft of equipment used for data collection to complaints of racism and name-calling.

“There are people who refuse to receive the census taker or end up attacking them for confusing them with electoral research”, he evaluates.

The IBGE considers that the incidents that occurred with some census takers during its data collection work were punctual. “The IBGE’s state units provided assistance to the civil servants involved and, when necessary, guidance on the registration of the occurrence with the public security agencies”, says the institute.

In addition, IBGE emphasizes that census takers and other workers working in the 2022 Census are federal public servants, and crimes against them are subject to federal investigations based on article 144 of the Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

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