Google reveals the most searched police topics in Brazil

Google reveals the most searched police topics in Brazil
Google reveals the most searched police topics in Brazil

Google released the most searched police topics in Brazil and among them are the questions: “is loan sharking a crime in Brazil?”, “What is heinous crime?” and “How to protect the cell phone?”.

This research developed by Google brings the most popular themes of police research of the last 18 years and also shows the critical skepticism of Brazilians.


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When it comes to theft, in Brazil, society regularly looks for what to do when the cell phone is stolen, how to track the device, for example. This data was possible to be analyzed thanks to the progress of Google Trends.

These searches also show that the population is very concerned about theft of accounts on social networks, motorcycles and the FGTS.

In June 2022, using information from Google Trends, it was possible to analyze that the phrase “How to protect my cell phone” was the most searched term. The high demand for this theme grew 16 times compared to the same time 10 years ago.

In addition, searches by police report almost doubled, achieving a growth of 90% in Brazil, if we compare the 1st semester with the same period in 2012. And, taking into account 2017, searches increased 50% in five years.

It is worth noting that in the period from January to June 2022, Brazil ranked 14th among the most searched countries for theft and 10th in the world in searches for surveillance cameras. Not to mention that the country is also the 10th most interested in the world for the police and the 8th for the police department.

In the survey, Google reports: “On the other hand, in addition to robbery, murder and theft, Brazilians also have doubts whether certain activities or attitudes are considered crimes. Some of them involve prejudice against certain groups in society. In addition, there is interest in better understanding the meaning of different types of crimes”.

Google Trends is Google’s tool to find out which are the most popular searches of the moment. Image: dennizn/

The term “loan sharking is a crime” ranked 1st in the ranking of the top five questions. Soon after, the next research aims to find out if prostitution, parental alienation, religious intolerance and transphobia can be criminalized in Brazil.

Speaking of crime, one of the most researched topics in Brazil in the 1st half of 2022 is domestic violence. In second place is violence against women, third place is obstetric violence, and fourth and fifth place is mental and urban violence.

Also according to Google research, in the 1st half of 2022, the expression “coup” is already the third most searched since the beginning of the historical series, in 2004. In 2021, Brazilians surpassed interest in the subject both in the semester and in the throughout the year.

When Brazilians search for “Coup”, they are also looking for something from the digital world. The ranking is led by PIX, a payment system launched by the Central Bank in November 2020.

“The coups sought by Brazilians do not necessarily involve any fragility of institutions. Part of these scams work through fraud, such as an SMS with fake content, a fake account or even the misuse of data available on the internet”, explains the company.

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